Episode 179: At Least We Got Poison Swamps…?

In addition to lamenting the glut of games dropping all at once (and their effects on DEE crew’s wallets), a look into some Esports news (with a focus on DOTA), and the newly released Elden Ring!

Episode 178: Closing Time (WiiU/3DS Edition)

On a newsworthy week (including the release of “Horizon: Forbidden West” and Street Fighter 6 Esports news), Ken and Gino share their reactions to the WiiU/3DS shops going down as well as thoughts about what Nintendo should do in the … Read More

Episode 177: Direct to Consumer

This week, Ken and Gino DEEscuss light news about the Steam Deck, upcoming game releases, and reactions to the latest Nintendo Direct!

Episode 176: Shoots and (Corporate) Ladders

This week, Ken and Gino zero in on another wild week of studio acquisitions (focusing on Bungie’s by Sony), while also recapping their recent pickups/played games. Also, a recap of the 2022 New York Game Awards!

Episode 175: What’s Old is New…

This week, Ken and Gino discuss YuGiOh! Master Duel, and wax nostalgic about retro titles (especially 3D platformers) in the wake of the surprise revival of “Kao the Kangaroo!”

Episode #174: (Phil) Spencer Mansion

In an eventful week dominated by the surprise acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, Ken and Gino delve into the deal itself as well as a breakdown of the 2022 DICE Awards.

Episode #173: NFDEEs

Returning from the winter break, Ken and Gino review what they did on break, what’s coming in games for 2022, and a meaty DEEp dive into NFTs in gaming!

Episode 172: DEE Good, DEE Bad and DEE CODE (2021)

In the last episode of 2021, Ken and Gino recap The Game Awards 2021 and give their personal best/worst of gaming in 2021!

Episode 171: Solar DEEclipse

Following a Thanksgiving break, Ken and Gino recap the Golden Joystick awards results and segue into a DEEscussion about elements NOT covered in the annual CORe retrospective video, starting with a chat about recent release Solar Ash!

Episode 167: GuarDEEans of DEE Galaxy

With a focus on the newly released “Guardians of the Galaxy” game, Ken and Gino review the week’s gaming/Esports news, including a recap of the week’s “State of Play” by Sony.

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