Episode 126: Live from the Four Seasons…

With next gen launches finally underway, the crew discusses mail mishaps that are coming with the unusual release circumstances as well as the latest DCMA-related shenanigans plaguing Twitch.

Episode 125: Next Gen Electoral Dysfunction

Following the tumult of the 2020 US Presidential Election, the crew not just give their initial thoughts on the immediate fallout but also the impending release of the long-awaited next gen consoles.

Episode 124: Sad Keanu 2020

With an image representing not just the week’s big headline but the year as a whole, the crew discusses the delay of Cyberpunk 2077 and all the week’s gaming/Esports news!

Episode 123: It’s as Easy as ABC

Live from Waypoint Cafe NYC for the first time since Captain Covid came to town, Ken and Gino discuss the week’s gaming/Esports happenings as well as the latest DCMA-related happenings with Twitch (and their greater impact on human society/recorded history).

Episode 122: Gotta Fall Fast!

This week, the crew chat about global Esports news, including developments in the Asian Markets, as well as reactions to the next-gen Xbox and Playstation user interfaces; also, general gaming tidbits! (Note: due to technical difficulties during recording, there will … Read More

Episode 121: HUEG LIEK…PS5?

The crew discusses the week’s gaming news (including major Esports happenings, Smash Ultimate and Mortal Kombat 11’s new DLC), and the official teardown of the PS5.

Episode 120: Mine(craft)ing for Fighters

With Ken down and out with seasonal allergies, it’s a Wally and Gino-centric discussion of the past week’s events, including the reveal of Minecraft coming to Smash Bros!

Episode 119: “NieR…Far…Wherever You Are…”

With TGS 2020 underway (virtually, of course), the crew discusses Tribeca Film Festival’s revamped gaming initiative, ALL the week’s Microsoft news (there was a LOT), and a general reflection on the current state of gaming on the eve of next … Read More

Episode #118: Breaking DEE Bank

24 hours removed from the Playstation 5 info stream and a Nintendo Direct earlier in the day, the crew recaps highlights from both announcements.

Episode 117: All Ur Reacts R Belong 2 Us

On a rather loaded week of news, the crew discusses the Twitch Esports announcement, League finals, Call of Duty’s multiplayer reveal, Hyrule Warriors 2, Ubisoft Forward, and pricing reveals for Microsoft Series X/S!

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