Episode 188: Multiversus of Madness

This week: A DEEscussion about Multiversus, Playstation’s updated Plus program, and the latest releases/gaming news!

Episode 187: Nindies Spring 2022!

This week: a focus on the week’s Nintendo’s Indies World stream, and HAH, GINO TOTALLY CALLED IT WITH A CUTESY DARK SOULS GAME!!!!

Episode 186: FREEDOOOOOM!!!!

This week, a focus on the sale of Crystal Dynamics and other studios by Square-Enix, Overwatch 2 News, and unionization efforts across the industry!

Episode 185: PAX East is Over(watch 2)

A post-PAX East 2022 edition of the show finds the crew talking highlights from the show and other major Esports/gaming announcements for the week!

Episode 184: RIP(E3)

This week, Ken and Gino pour one out for E3 following the 2022 edition’s cancellation while covering the week’s video game news and what they’ve been playing.

Episode 183: DEE Power of Kirby Compels You

Yup. New Kirby game dropped. ‘Nuff said! (Also, a DEEscussion about Sony’s Game Pass competitor and Tokyo Game Show news!)

Episode 182: It’s 2006 All Over Again…

This week, a DEEscussion about “Final Fantasy: Strangers of Paradise” and general gaming and Esports news!

Episode 181: Do the Mar10!

On Mario Day 2022, Ken and Gino celebrate the mustachioed plumber and break down what they’ve been playing, the latest video game news, as well as updates on Super Nintendo World’s US release!

Episode 180: Do we BAFTA, Professor Oak?

This week, BAFTA! And POKEMON! (Also, the week’s updates on what DEE crew is playing!)

Episode 179: At Least We Got Poison Swamps…?

In addition to lamenting the glut of games dropping all at once (and their effects on DEE crew’s wallets), a look into some Esports news (with a focus on DOTA), and the newly released Elden Ring!

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