Livestreamed Content

Year: 2017-ongoing
Synopsis: Live content featured over on our Twitch Channel! Beyond our weekly podcasts and monthly RaDEEo Dramas, we offer variety streams such as “Art and DEEsign,” as well as both traditional playthroughs of games and ones with live voice acting performances from our active team and special guests. (For Visual Novels in particular.) Feeds are directly accessible via main page and sidebar; live content is available 6-7 days a week…check social media and our Discord channel for updates!

Collection of archived/edited gaming-related livestreams from 2017 onward; includes playthroughs of games/game-related live streams originally featured on DEE Youtube.

Year: 2021-ongoing
Project Director: Taylor Starnes
Format: Monthly features originally broadcast on Twitch then re-edited (with additional graphical elements/storyboards) posted to DEE Youtube.
Synopsis: An unofficial livestreamed “fantasy booking” of popular VTuber (“Virtual Youtuber”) agency Hololive Production‘s stable of international characters in the setting of a professional wrestling federation. Originally broadcast on Taylor’s Youtube channel before moving to DEE Twitch; featuring booking/appearances by Joel Guttman and Mario Bueno, with original art by RJ Para, MMD footage by Taylor, and Youtube editing by NeoIvan.
Edited on Adobe CC and MMD.

Complete collection of all Youtube installments to date!

Promotional Projects

Year: 2021-ongoing
Client(s): Image Anime
Format: Monthly features originally posted through DEE Youtube; also, subscriber-only live broadcasts on DEE Twitch later edited+outputted to YouTube/Image Anime’s frontpage playlist.
Goal: To further renew awareness of the DEE brand and further build out the content creation portfolio following the 2017 rebuilding efforts, as well as promote the Image Anime digital storefront+offerings following the pandemic-related 2020 closure of their physical storefront.
Shot with Logitech c922x, Razer Kiyo, iPhone X
Edited on Adobe CC

Monthly Recaps of DEE livestreams (and select pre-order products found at Image Anime)
featured on Image Anime frontpage.
Experimental series of Product Features to showcase items available at/provided by Image Anime!
Filmed LIVE during Subscriber/VIP-Only Twitch Streams.