State of the CORe – Spring 2019

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, and we’ve been busy. We’re in an oddly timed video game release season, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Mortal Kombat was the last AAA game we … Read More

On Our 15th BirthDEE

Hello, everyone. It’s been a very tumultuous year to date for me personally, but a very important and prosperous year for Digital Era Entertainment…and I couldn’t be more happy with the progress that has been made in that time: From … Read More

State of the CORe – Summer 2018

We’ve been busy. A lot of behind the scenes things took away most of our attention these past few months and through a lot of careful planning and plotting we’ve put out some great efforts. Let’s take a look. Our … Read More

State of the CORe: Q1 2018

A year ago today we posted our first ever State of the Core and if you’ve been with us since then, we welcome you all to 2018 despite being two months into the year and already approaching March. If you’re … Read More

(The Next) Step into the CORe

…It’s been QUITE the year, hasn’t it? For me personally, this was a year filled with incredible downs but equally majestic ups. And as I’ve been saying all across social media, one of them has been this very project, the … Read More

Join the Digital Village Today! (Also, 2018 #CONTENT)

Hello all! As 2017 comes to an end, we’re already neck deep into the process of gearing up for next year! As the plentiful Patreon posts and buttons which now pepper the site (and the DEE CORe site) should be making ABUNDANTLY clear, we’re … Read More

State of the CORe – Year End (2017)

A year later and we’re still going. Accomplishments are generally a self-made thing, and when we set out to do this a year ago we had a select few goals we wanted to achieve. For the most part, we hit … Read More

State of the CORe – Fall (2017)

It’s been quite the summer, hasn’t it? The plethora of games that have come out across multiple platforms and there never being enough time for all of them seems a sticking point for many of us. With Nintendo delivering consistent … Read More

State Of The CORe – July (2017)

Hello again CORe readers and welcome to just past the halfway point. A little over six months since we’ve started this venture and some things have landed and some things missed only to be put back on the drawing board … Read More

State of the CORe – April/May (2017)

Hello again CORe readers and welcome to another fine update of gaming, think pieces and whatever else we can come up with to throw at you. We’ve got some updates. What We’ve Been Playing In the midst of catching up on … Read More

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