159th Meeting!

This week, the host discuss anime mascots! MERCHANDIZING! It’s where the money is made and the best way to make more money is with a cute mascot! Whether intentional or it organically became one due to popularity with the fans!

158th Meeting!

This week, the hosts go through the first half of their Summer 2023 anime season preview! How many Isekai will be on DEE horizon? Which shows catch our hosts interest? Listen in to find out!

157th Meeting!

This week, the hosts talk about combat sports in anime! Boxing, MMA, Dragonball, gladiators, icehockey, and more await!

156th Meeting!

This week, the hosts take a trip down memory lane as they read though an old Newtype magazine!

155th Meeting!

Real or AI isekai?! Joel asked an AI to write him titles and synopses for isekai anime and then pulled some titles and synopses of REAL isekai anime… which means Jace will have to guess which is real and which … Read More

154th Meeting!

This week, the hosts discuss some of the most iconic swords in anime, because they can’t stop thinking about the Master Sword and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

153rd Meeting!

This week the hosts do a year retrospective, and RNG has determined the year to be 2009! Take a look back at some of the iconic shows and those that have been forgotten since that fateful year!

152nd Meeting!

This week, the hosts discuss Trigun Stampede! How does the CG remake by Studio Orange hold up to the original?

151st Meeting!

This week, the hosts discuss the new movie, Suzume, the latest work from Your Name’s Makoto Shinkai!

150th Meeting!

This week, the hosts give their initial impressions of the many (TOO MANY) shows they’ve watched the premieres of in the Spring 2023 season!

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