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Check out the high praise for the project’s concept from Rogue Games Founder/CEO Matt Casamassina during the first episode of IGN/Rogue Games’ 2022 Rogue Jam!

Project Stats+Credits

Created/Main Scenario/Character Design/Conceptual+Additional Art/Demo Version Programming by: RJ Para
Lead Producer/Director/Lead Writer/Demo Version Programming by: Mario Bueno
Character Sprites/CGs by: Larein
Title Logo/Additional Art/Art Consultation/Demo Playtesting by: Laura Kovalcin
Theme Music by: Michael Garrett Steele, Nathaniel Chambers, and Mario Bueno
Built in Ren’Py (Demo Ver.)
Original Project Creation Date: ca. March 2018; publicly announced during Virtual Crunchyroll Expo on August 6th, 2021

Plot Synopsis/Concept

A bored third-year student in Japan’s Shinchoku High School is looking to change his ways after having accomplished nothing throughout his high school career. By chance, he meets a mysterious masked girl who introduces him to the world of professional wrestling, which begins a year of his life that turns out to be as exciting as the ones portrayed in the squared circle…

A Visual Novel-anchored hybrid of dating sim and wrestling game (in its completed form; VN only for the demo+initial release) that is built around the theme of professional wrestling. Featuring a plot driven by a motley crew of teenage wrestlers who come together to find friendship, purpose…and possibly even love!

DEEvelopment History

-Coming Soon!-