Episode 218: Bloo-DEE Murder

This week: Sony’s foibles, Major Esports teams going under, BAFTA winners, and…*checks notes*…The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Episode 217: You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Following a brief two-week hiatus, Ken and Gino discuss the many gaming updates from that time, including their thoughts on CounterStrike 2 and the Diablo 4 Beta!

Episode 216: Summer Gaming 2023 aka DEE RUMBLING

This week, Ken and Gino discuss their weekly game plays, the stacked Summer game releases, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Also, power washing. (We swear, it makes sense in context!)

Episode 215: Let’s Make a DEEal!

This week, Ken and Gino discuss the week’s Sony State of Play plus the deal between Nintendo and Microsoft!

Episode 214: EA…Challenge Everything

This week, Ken and Gino discuss EA things in addition to the weekly gaming/Esports news. (…It goes exactly as you imagine.)

Episode 213: Nintendo is as Nintendoes

This week, Ken and Gino talk shop following the recent Nintendo Direct!

Episode 212: We Missed You, Ol’ Gil!

This week: discussing the BAFTA and New York Game Awards winners!

Episode 211: Microsoft Has Games!

This week: a DEEscussion of the recent Xbox/Bethesda Direct alongside various gaming news topics (such as Square Enix shutting down Avengers) and more!

Episode 210: New Year, Who DEEs?

In the first show of 2023, Ken and Gino return to discuss all the gaming news that’s been thrown down in 2023 alongside what games they’re looking forward to. (With a Sprinkle of some esports news as well!)

Episode #209: End of DEE Year! (2022)

In the last episode of 2022, Ken and Gino reflect on the 2022 Game Awards, their worst/most disappointing games of the year, and their personal favorites before the 2022 DEE CORe GotY releases on DEE Youtube!

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