Touched by Tchia – Tchia Review (PS5)

The open-world genre has really become such a mainstay in the current generation of gaming. What was once an occasional pop up in the game industry now shows up in almost every release both big and small. For every Breath … Read More

A Breath of Fresh Air (“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” – Game Review)

Like many whom have played the Zelda series, most all harken back to Ocarina of Time as the one that catapulted the game and broke the mold on what the series could do. While I personally still feel A Link … Read More

Open (Up Your) World

It’s December of 2016. As the days (both literally and metaphorically) grow darker and the uncertainty of the future weighs upon me, eyes affixed to my screen, I gesture with the thumbstick and gaze over to my right. I find … Read More