Because of our team’s history with live performances, we’ve also had our hand in theatrical production! Here’s something we’ve worked on in the past outside of the fan circuit:

Geass: Viva La Vida (Concept)

Time in development: October 2013-November 2016
Partner: Sunrise Inc. (Original Story)
Production Team (active during project): Andy Sandberg (Executive Producer, Director), Mario Bueno (Lead Producer, Co-Writer, Performer), Karl Custer (Co-Writer), Jordan Scott Gilbert (Producer).
Premise: An adaptation of the original 50-episode run of Sunrise’s “Code: Geass” television series set to the music of UK music group Coldplay.
Summary: The storyline for the Broadway adaptation of Code Geass follows the journey of Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian prince exiled to Japan. Lelouch acquires a magical power of absolute obedience, which leads him to become the new leader of Japanese resistance as the masked “Zero.” His childhood friend-turned-rival, Suzaku Kururugi, is the son of Japan’s last Prime Minister and now fights as a Britannian knight to change the system from within.

Livestreamed Concept Presentation on DEE Twitch
(from 9-25-2019)

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