Episode 198: THQ II – The Return

This week, a focus on Gamescom and a recap of the previous week’s THQ-Nordic showcase!

Episode 197: When’s MAHVEL, BAYBEE?

This week, the crew is joined by Jihan Crichlow (@PAG_Virgo) to talk Evo 2022!

Episode #196: Across DEE Multiversus

This week, Ken and Gino discuss the Multiversus Beta, Annapurna Interactive’s showcase, the new game being produced by Fumito Ueda, and all the week’s gaming news!

Episode 195: Don’t STRAY from DEE Path!

This week, Ken and special guest Mario (tagging in for Gino) discuss GotYs past and present, upcoming gaming events, and the runaway success of the recently released “Stray!”

Episode 194: OH, UBISOFT…

This week…well….it’s all in DEE title, lol. (As well as all the week’s Esports and gaming news!)

Episode 193: A Father and Son Reunion

DAD OF BOY RETURNS! Also, the week’s major gaming/Esports news (including the future of E3) and a memorial to Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi.

Episode 192: Summer Drought Fest

This week: full coverage of the week’s Nintendo Direct Mini!

Episode 191: Keighl-E3, The Wrapup!

This week: a roundup of what dropped during Keighl-E3 since last week’s episode, with focuses on Xbox, Capcom and Square-Enix!

Episode 190: B-E3-ting the Dead Horse

Following a break (and, unfortunately, break-in at Waypoint), Ken and Gino DEEscuss the recent State of Play and the first wave of announcements from Summer Games Fest!

Episode 189: Everything Old Is New Again

This week: with Kao the Kangaroo’s 2022 release, a spotlight of old games and the latest Esports/gaming industry news.

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