Episode 5: No Mercy

The team discusses new eSports developments, possible Rockstar franchises ripe for revival, Overwatch problems/possible solutions, and past GeekFist regular Keith ‘Breadman’ Watington (@SirBreadicus) drops by to aid in the doling out of hot t… Read More

Episode 4: DEEroy Jenkins

This week, God of War, Hearthstone World Championships, and the implications of the ELeague/Twitch deal are the focal points of discussion. (Also, the ‘Ol’ Gil’/EA meme challenge is issued.)… Read More

Episode 3: DEE Way

This week, discussion revolves around new developments with Overwatch League, Dragon Ball content, Nintendo’s new Labo, and major developments in online content creation. Special guests include Richard Ng (@ZenMasterChi), and DEE Founder Mario Buen… Read More

Episode 2: OWL DEEcoded

This week, Kyle Stover from Frederator Studios’ ‘The Leaderboard’ joins the crew as they begin discussing the business of eSports, the debut of Overwatch League, and the surprise Nintendo Switch Direct from earlier in the day.… Read More

Episode 1: New Year, New CODE

Reunited by DEE CORe Editor-In-Chief Kenneth Cardez, the members of the GeekFist podcast begin a new chapter for Digital Era Entertainment under the DEE CODE brand; featuring an introduction by DEE Founder Mario Bueno (http://www.mariobueno.com).… Read More

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