Episode 208: DEE Darkest Timeline

This week, an explosion of post-Thanksgiving news is covered including the recent Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, the Panda Cup situation, and a preview of DEE CORe’s Game of the Year Awards!

Episode 207: DEE Game Awards 2022, Prologue

This week, a breakdown of The Game Awards 2022 nominees and some of the biggest news across gaming (in particular, tabletop card gaming).

Episode 206: The [Sonic] Frontier

This week, a DEEscussion of the week’s releases (with focuses on Sonic Frontiers and God of War: Ragnarok), as well as ALL the social media platform news both in and outside of gaming.

Episode 205: POD of War RagnaCAST

With days before God of War Ragnarok’s release, Ken gets HYPE and he and Gino catch up on the week’s gaming/Esports news!

Episode 204: 20(G)4

This week, DEE Founder Mario Bueno joins Ken to DEEscuss the shutdown of G4, the week’s gaming news, and the glut of Silent Hill announcements from the recent announcements stream. (NOTE: Audio for Ken gets fixed partway through the stream, … Read More

Episode 203: A Plague Upon Your House

This week: Ken and Gino recap happenings from New York Comic Con and Twitchcon, as well as a lengthy preview of “A Plague Tale: Requiem” and early GotY 2022 thoughts.

Episode 202: Laying Down The [Moore’s] Law!

This week, Ken and Gino give thoughts on Gundam Evolution plus all the week’s gaming news (including NVidia’s new graphics cards, game footage leaks, and Twitch’s entire week)!

Episode 201: Holy Crap, That’s A Lot Of Games…!

This week, Ken and Gino recap the glut of digital showcases and pre-event drops for Tokyo Game Show 2022!

Episode 200

A BirthDEE Week 2022 special with DEE Founder Mario Bueno and DEEscussion of the latest gaming news and PAX West!

Episode 199: Where is Prince of Persia?!

This week, Ken and Gino’s takes on the Ubisoft Forward and a DEEscussion about the recent Nintendo Direct and Sony State of Play.

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