State of the CORe – Fall (2017)

It’s been quite the summer, hasn’t it? The plethora of games that have come out across multiple platforms and there never being enough time for all of them seems a sticking point for many of us. With Nintendo delivering consistent … Read More

State Of The CORe – July (2017)

Hello again CORe readers and welcome to just past the halfway point. A little over six months since we’ve started this venture and some things have landed and some things missed only to be put back on the drawing board … Read More

State of the CORe – April/May (2017)

Hello again CORe readers and welcome to another fine update of gaming, think pieces and whatever else we can come up with to throw at you. We’ve got some updates. What We’ve Been Playing In the midst of catching up on … Read More

State of the CORe Union (2017)

Hello CORe readers. We’re now almost a tiny bit into this new venture heading into month 3 and it’s been one heck of a ride into the world of video game culture. As your Editor-In-Chief I wanted to take a small … Read More

Step Into The CORe

At the end of a year that saw not one, not two, but THREE Digital Era Entertainment projects fall to pieces after months (and in one case, years) of diligent work, it looked as if 2017 would begin on the … Read More

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