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Step Into The CORe

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At the end of a year that saw not one, not two, but THREE Digital Era Entertainment projects fall to pieces after months (and in one case, years) of diligent work, it looked as if 2017 would begin on the most dour note in its history.

But it seems that some (legacy) projects will never die.

Spurred on by longtime collaborator Kenneth Cardez (featured in past DEE works as Kogarashi from “Kamen no Maid Guy” in Season 1 of “Doujinopolis” as well as Kittan from “Gurren Lagann” in the 2010 promos for the “Gurren Lagann: The Movie” Cosplay Contest sponsored by Aniplex of America), and resurrected/re-imagined from the ashes of a planned total conversion of a press junket the team was originally affiliated with back in 2007, we are proud to announce that in 2017, Digital Era Entertainment CORe will (re)debut in full.

So what is DEE CORe? As the name straightforwardly implies, Conversations (interviews/roundtables), Opinions (editorials), Reviews (…reviews), Etc. (i.e. video content, documentaries, and related content that doesn’t quite fit one of these particular quantifiers).

We are making it clear from the beginning that we do not intend to act as the “be all, end all” of information media by any stretch of the imagination, particularly given that the focus we’ll be having (elements of entertainment culture such as gaming) already has many fantastic voices and perspectives representing it as is. In fact, despite the backgrounds of our initial slate of contributors, we are eschewing the traditional presentation that would qualify something as “journalism” and falling more in line with contemporaries such as WatchMojo.com, WhatCulture, and Cracked.com to provide informative and occasionally entertaining pieces in addition to casual video streams and regularly updated written content that we hope will add new perspectives to pre-existing discussions.

To summarize, we are simply here to provide:

  • A new viewpoint in very prominent conversations across entertainment media
  • Food for thought
  • Impetus for discussion
  • The occasional video that will range from informative to silly, all in the style of DEE’s usual work, but operating just outside its usual norm
  • Casual streaming content to occupy your brainspace in between and provide a forum for live interactions with our audience.

Look forward to regular updates as we continue to build the infrastructure for this exciting revival, as well as the preview of written content that will be making it to the eventual subsite that we’re in the early phases of building out for 2017. We thank you for your continued support as we transition into a new phase of DEE’s history and continue to prepare new (old) projects for release in the coming year!

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