Gently Down the Stream: GeForce Now, Stadia, and Luna

PREAMBLE: What a year, what a year… It’s been just over a year since the last installment of this series, and, ah…BOY HOWDY, what a year it’s been. With global pandemic raging (not to mention the, um…everything else we had … Read More

Gently Down the Stream: PSNow and XBox Game Pass (PC/Mobile)

Update: 11/29/2020 (Revised to include impressions on XBox Game Pass Ultimate for Mobile as well as other relevant platform updates/revisions.) PREAMBLE: DEE Digital Future is Here…and On-Demand! We’ve entered an interesting time in digital culture: thanks to the internet becoming … Read More


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK, NY April 1, 2019- Digital Era Entertainment officially announces its first foray into console hardware: OUYA ORION. Quietly acquiring the rights from current brand owners Razer over Winter 2018, Digital Era Entertainment has reached out … Read More

Punching Weight – Fitness Boxing Review

To anyone who’s been following us over on our Twitch channel, first off…thank you, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the ongoing content we try to provide for you daily over there! Secondly, you’ll know that since the beginning of 2019, I’ve … Read More

On Our 15th BirthDEE

Hello, everyone. It’s been a very tumultuous year to date for me personally, but a very important and prosperous year for Digital Era Entertainment…and I couldn’t be more happy with the progress that has been made in that time: From … Read More

(The Next) Step into the CORe

…It’s been QUITE the year, hasn’t it? For me personally, this was a year filled with incredible downs but equally majestic ups. And as I’ve been saying all across social media, one of them has been this very project, the … Read More

Join the Digital Village Today! (Also, 2018 #CONTENT)

Hello all! As 2017 comes to an end, we’re already neck deep into the process of gearing up for next year! As the plentiful Patreon posts and buttons which now pepper the site (and the DEE CORe site) should be making ABUNDANTLY clear, we’re … Read More

Open (Up Your) World

It’s December of 2016. As the days (both literally and metaphorically) grow darker and the uncertainty of the future weighs upon me, eyes affixed to my screen, I gesture with the thumbstick and gaze over to my right. I find … Read More

New Beginnings, Old Concepts

Hello all! It’s been quite some time since we posted news here, but two things of note (one of which you’ve probably seen via our social media): – We’ve (re-)launched DEE CORe and are slowly populating it with content! Be sure to … Read More

Step Into The CORe

At the end of a year that saw not one, not two, but THREE Digital Era Entertainment projects fall to pieces after months (and in one case, years) of diligent work, it looked as if 2017 would begin on the … Read More

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