Episode 148: Magic: DEE (Post-Pandemic) Gathering

Following a DEEscussion about Capcom games following the long-awaited release of Resident Evil: Village, Ken and Gino talk about the substantial updates in Magic the Gathering’s Esports scene. Also, the week’s Esports updates!

Episode 147: Apple’s EPIC Court Case

In addition to recapping their latest game pulls, Ken and Gino discuss Nintendo’s new programing game, Ubisoft’s new announcement for “The Division” universe, and a focus on the Epic Games vs Apple court case.

Episode 146: A MONSTERous State of Play!

With Wally making a surprise appearance, the crew talks about the new Monster Hunter update as well as highlights from the day’s Sony State of Play!

Episode 145: You Are About to Be Removed For Inactivity.

On a stacked week of general Esports news, Ken and Gino focus on the departure of Jeff Kaplan from Activision-Blizzard and analyze the situation (as well as the state of Overwatch and its impending sequel).

Episode 144: InDEEpendent Games, Spring 2021

Following the week’s Nintendo Indies Showcase, Ken and Gino break down their favorite picks, as well as the latest shenanigans from Sony’s end of life plan for past-gen systems and a check-in on Resident Evil VIII!

Episode 143: Showcase of DEE Immortals

On the week of Wrestlemania 37, the crew discusses wrestling games over the years as well as the genre’s lack of inclusion of Esports…even Wally and Mario come by to join DEE Granddaddy of all wrestling game DEEscussions! SPECIAL GUEST: … Read More

Episode 142: King of DEE Monsters

Just 24 hours removed from “Godzilla vs Kong’s” release, Ken and Gino recap the gaming history of the scaly kaiju legend in addition to April Fool’s gags and the week’s gaming news!

Episode 141: CODE Raider

On an episode celebrating Women’s History Month (by way of celebrating Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary), Ken and Gino also recap the BAFTA awards as well as other big headlines including Discord’s rumored acquisition by Microsoft, huge DOTA 2 updates, and … Read More

Episode 140: Unexpected EVOlution

In addition to drawing attention to the recent resurgence of violence against Asian-Americans, Ken and Gino review the big EVO acquisition by Sony, Activision’s recent corporate actions, and a feature on the newly announced Forspoken.

Episode 139: Rise of the Monster Hunter

With a focus on the Monster Hunter franchise in anticipation of the new Monster Hunter Rise game, Ken and Gino also go over the big headlines of the week in Esports and Gaming!

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