Episode 172: DEE Good, DEE Bad and DEE CODE (2021)

In the last episode of 2021, Ken and Gino recap The Game Awards 2021 and give their personal best/worst of gaming in 2021!

Episode 171: Solar DEEclipse

Following a Thanksgiving break, Ken and Gino recap the Golden Joystick awards results and segue into a DEEscussion about elements NOT covered in the annual CORe retrospective video, starting with a chat about recent release Solar Ash!

Episode 167: GuarDEEans of DEE Galaxy

With a focus on the newly released “Guardians of the Galaxy” game, Ken and Gino review the week’s gaming/Esports news, including a recap of the week’s “State of Play” by Sony.

Episode 164: Tokyo [L]ame Show, Part 1

This week, Ken and Gino analyze the opening days of Tokyo Game Show as well as discuss the latest in the world of gaming, including the surprise hit that is Hot Wheels Unleashed!

Episode 163: This Ain’t TGS!

Wally appears this week to roundtable with DEE crew following the day’s freshly-dropped Nintendo Direct!

Episode 169: A Very SCHWAY Episode

This week, the DEEscussion is centered on the upcoming Holiday delays/shortages/etc., Forza Horizon 5, the highly anticipated Elden Ring beta, NFTs, Hot Wheels Unleashed’s DC Comics Event, and GotY philosophies!

Episode 168: DEE Elden Ring Cometh

This week, Ken and Gino discuss the week’s gaming news/recent releases as the holidays gear up!

Episode 166: Non-Interactive Quicktime Event…The Movie!

On a relatively slow news week, Ken and Gino discuss topics ranging from the latest pickups/playthroughs, Esports news from abroad, Golden Joystick Awards nominees, and the Uncharted movie’s newly released trailer!

Episode 165: DEE Hunt for DREAD October

This week, a follow-up from Tokyo Game Show, and spotlights on the news from the past two weeks including Sora’s announcement for Smash, New York Comic Con, Star Citizen’s online event, and more!

Episode 162: Dad of Teen

This week, Ken and Gino go over the Playstation State of Play (including some issues Gino has with the PlayStation UI), the NVidia database leak, and Esports news ranging from from Riot’s new client to DOTA 23 International as well … Read More

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