Episode 102: EVOlution

Following an eventful day which saw the shuffling of the annual Evo fighting game tournament to an online tournament and Sony’s latest State of Play, the crew discusses these happenings as well as examinations of habits within the fighting game … Read More

Episode 101: Wonderful

Fresh off the milestone 100th episode, the crew discusses the day’s Xbox Series X games reveal, as well as a brief discussion of gaming censorship in the modern era vs classic era, the “Esports readiness” of some games vs others, … Read More

Episode 100: Happy Hundo Day!

Hitting another milestone, the crew crosses the first hundred episodes! Enjoying a virtual cake from DEE Safe Zone(s), the team discuss (spoiler-free) the leak situation surrounding “The Last of Us 2”, the recently released Streets of Rage 4, and the … Read More

Episode 99: (Social Distance Pancake) Party Like It’s 1999!

With the show’s hundredth episode within reach and a slow news week thanks to Mr. Covid’s world tour causing new complications over in Japan, Ken and the crew opt to continue the trend of 90’s nostalgia…complete with dial-up modems! Also, … Read More

Episode 98: “Spirit of ’98”

As NYC’s PAUSE drags towards the end of its first month, the crew decides to revel in the spirit of nostalgia and remember one of the objective best years in gaming history: 1998! But first, discussing OTHER nostalgia with a … Read More

Episode 97: Unending Fantasy

In the most hilariously appropriate alignment of episode number and release year of subject matter, Ken and Gino discuss the FFVII remake along with the week’s Esports and gaming news, as well as recent hardware news for the PS5.

Episode 96: Captain’s Log – 040220

Stardate: 040220.96. These are DEE voyages of the USS Waypoint. It’s ongoing mission: to discuss Esports and gaming to provide some measure of solace amidst an ongoing pandemic. On this week’s episode, Captain Cardez, Commander Gigante, and Lt. Commander Oruam … Read More

Episode 95: Captain’s Log – Ay, Corona!

As the Covid-19 situation becomes more severe in NYC, the team continues to weather the storm and share ways you can help/keep healthy while maintaining positivity by focusing on their recent playthroughs, as well as the latest developments in the … Read More

Episode 94: The DEEvision 2: Memelords of New York

With Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 staring into the souls of the live audience, the crew (all locked down and broadcasting safely from home) discuss the first week of life under voluntary quarantine in New York City, Doom: Eternal, Live … Read More

Episode 93: DEECODEd Arms: Contagion

The day after Covid19 is declared a global pandemic by the WHO, the intrepid team of The DEEvision gathers at their HQ in Lower Manhattan to reflect on the events of the past week and its effects on the gaming … Read More

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