Riding Back and Forth With Nowhere to Go – Outriders Review (PlayStation 5/PC)

I’m very certain that somewhere, somehow a pitch meeting of a video game developer to a company for a game that included a little bit of Destiny, a dash of Diablo and Borderlands and the gameplay of Gears of War … Read More

A Bland Wonder – Balan Wonderworld Review (PS5)

One of the more unusual things I personally tend to do in gaming is strictly follow a developer’s game creations and willingly buy everything they either produce, develop, or work on. Developers like SUDA 51, Keiji Inafune and Hideo Kojima … Read More

Boldy Going Where We’ve Gone Before – Redout: Space Assault Review (PS4)

The futuristic racing genre isn’t dead, not if 34bigthings has anything to say about that. The indie studio gave us the Redout racing game released some time back, which showcased a clear inspiration from other games in the genre like … Read More

A Fog In The Light – Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt Review

Destiny 2 has been one of those live service games with many ups and downs since its release in 2017. Before that game dropped, I wrote about the success of Destiny as a franchise and how it is one of … Read More

Standing Tall – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

When is a battle royale game not a battle royale game? Can a battle royale game still be a battle royale game while not being a battle royale game? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout attempts to answer those questions in the … Read More

Wake Up, Samurai – Ghost of Tsushima Review

I’m aware that the review title is a line that Keanu Reeves as character Johnny Silverhands says in Cyberpunk 2077 (another highly anticipated game by us here at DEE CORe), but given the nature of Ghost of Tsushima and what … Read More

The Worst of Them – The Last of Us Part 2 Review

The Last of Us is a world full of awful people who do awful things, and its sequel is more of that awfulness enhanced by new technologies and graphics and a design ethos that only a studio like Naughty Dog … Read More

In DEE Spotlight: Ratalaika Games

Indie Games are a dime a dozen nowadays, and a lot of indie games and developers tend to get overshadowed by the bigger budget juggernauts that are out there. Indie developers get the luck of the draw though, as most … Read More

If It Ain’t Broke… – Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

SPOILER WARNING: Due to the nature of this review and the nature surrounding the game, this is your advance spoiler warning if you wish to go in blind. When the original Final Fantasy VII game was released back in 1997 … Read More

Games of the Decade (2009-2019)

Better late than never, right? While I have a personal list of best games of the past ten years, I also wanted to challenge myself and I thought I’d take a different personal look at what I feel represented the … Read More

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