75th Meeting!

This week, a thorough breakdown of Summer’s shows through the lens of a preliminary DEEscussion of the 2021 Anime of the Year rankings!

74th Meeting!

This week, we ponder DEE question…WHAT IF…?

73rd Meeting!

This week, the topic turns to the Summer 2021 season as it nears its end!

72nd Meeting!

Step in to DEE ring! On the eve of the big 18th BirthDEE weekend and AEW’s 3rd annual “All Out” event, Mario educates Joel on wrestling in anime!

71st Meeting!

This week, Joel, Frongi and Mario catch up on what they watched over the week and attempt to talk about Hot Springs episodes. (Spoiler: they do, but with a LOT of tangents including Pacific Rim and SHAVING.)

70th Meeting!

This week, Joel and Mario talk about fandub parodies and their impact on anime fandom!

69th Meeting! (…nice~)

It’s a (literal) day at DEE Beach for Joel as he and the crew DEEscuss beach episodes and an initial impression of Eva 3.0+1.0!

68th Meeting!

This week, virtual events are the topic of DEEsucssion!

67th Meeting!

This week, Joel shares his impressions of the Summer anime he’s kept up with while Mario indulges in PIZZA TIME live on the air!

66th Meeting!

Continuing with last week’s theme, this week features another in-depth DEEscussion about the classic anime Trigun!

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