Shuyin, Tidus, Shuyindus, Sean Connery, Agent
Smyth, and the voices of  Bill Clinton, and Dr. Cube – Mario Bueno
Dr. Cube –  Anthony Vaccaro
Bill Clinton – Alex Stamoulis
Steven Segal, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
“Behind the Fantasy Narrator” – John H. Baker
Joey Wheeler, Agent Smiley – Chris Cruz
Agent Burly – Tom McKimm
Yuna – Madeleine Koestner

Final Fantasy Contingent

Squall Leonheart – Christopher Troy
Aeris Gainsborough – Carrie Wink
Seifer Almasey – Alex Rosario
Rinoa Heartilly – Venus Carey
Auron – Jonathan Handler
Locke – Steve Palmero
Riku – Raymond Bryant
Yuffie – Alicia Lugo

Kaiju Big Battel Heroes

Silver Potato – Carmen Lugo
Los Platanos  –  Steve Palmero,  Tom McKimm, Chris Wingate, and Joel Bernabel
Dr. Cube’s Minions – John H. Baker, Chris Corcoran, Christopher Cruz, Tom McKimm, Johnny Norman, Eddie Del Rio, Alex Stamoulis, Victor Velarde, Chris Wingate

Persocoms – Amy Chan, Alicia Lugo, Carmen E. Lugo
Olivia Laura, Brooke Steckowski, Erin Sweeny, Carrie Wink

Recording Studio Crewman – Jonathan Handler
Clinton Residential Guard – Aaron Rosenberg
Final Round Commentary Stagehand, Wedding Scene Corpse – Joel Bernabel
Kevin Smith –  Bryan Ulz
Body Doubles – Joel Bernabel  (for Tidus and Shuyin), Andrea Grossman (for Yuna)


Director, executive producer,
Editor (Video, Sound,
Compositing, Foley), Public Relations – Mario Bueno
Assistant Director – Joel Bernabel
Head Production Assistant – Brooke Steckowski
Production Assistants – Umm…the entire cast…? ^_^;
Principal Photography by – John H. Baker, Joel Bernabel, Mario Bueno, Eddie Del Rio, Tom McKimm, Alex Rosario
Additional Photobraphy by – Alex Stamoulis
Sound Technicians – Christopher Cruz, Eddie Del Rio, Tom McKimm, Alex Rosario, Chris Wingate
Location Managers – Olivia Pomann, Joel Bernabel, Mario Bueno
Martial Arts Fight Choreography – Mario Bueno
Final Round Fight Choreography – Joel Bernabel, The entire cast…again ^_^;;

Story by – Mario Bueno
Additional Material by – Christopher Troy
Creative Consultant – John H. Baker

All Costumes Provided/Crafted by the Cast, except for Tidus
(Provided by Setsuna Kou and Haruka Kou

Seifer, Auron, and Sean Connery Makeup by – Brian Ulz

Special Thanks:

  • The Cast, Crew, and Immediate Families of all involved in making the film.
  • Square-Enix, Studio Kaiju, Clamp, and Kazuki Takahshi for creating such colorful characters.
  • The Staffs of the Monarch Condominium, PaKua Sixth Avenue, The Polanco Family,
  • Anna Fischer, Alex Stamoulis, The Pomann Family, and Pomann Sound for providing locations for the film.
  • The Casts of the Stage Versions of “Final Fantasy vs Kaiju Big Battel” for being there at the beginning.
  • The Cast/Crew of the DEE Short Film “Resident Evil: Bunny”….yet another amazing and entertaining  film, guys! ^_^
  • Dennis Buzis and Ellen Matheussen for giving me the Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit to go and make this film, as well as your time and dedication in training me in the martial arts….oh, and giving me the gift of “Sexy Torso Power” as a result of that. ^_~
  • All the people who inspired me to continue the story that made this film possible…thank you for your inspiration!
  • Anyone who I missed for whatever reason…^_^;

And of Course,

  • The Viewer, for supporting this film by enjoying it!