Season One (Full Season Credits)

DISCLAIMER (added 5/24/2021): Since the series’ original release, it has come to our attention that members of the original cast/guest cast have engaged in behavior or expressed beliefs that do not align with our own and that we find reprehensible.

With that in mind, while we acknowledge their contributions in this project, we would like to remind viewers/supporters of our content that we do not consider this a form of solidarity with them or their views/actions in any manner.

We hope that you will still be able to enjoy the project from a purely entertainment perspective despite this and thank you for your understanding.


Haruhi Suzumiya/Kallen Stadtfeld – Riot Hashimoto/Mostflogged
Kyon/Zero – Mario Bueno

Itsuki Koizumi – Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer
Mikuru Asahina – Carrie Wink-Troy
Yuki Nagato – Scout Isensee
C.C. – Nicole Berardi
Zombie/Vocal Store Patron – Jesse Parrino
Kanye/Kaname Tousen – Raymond Bryant
Ichimaru Gin – Orin Sarabia
Sebastian Michaels – Billy Quick
Kogarashi – Kenneth Cardez
UN Security – Morgan Kelly
Sumeragi Lee Noriega – Chibiplum
Lockon Stratos – Christopher Troy
Tieria Erde – Candice Morreale
Zombie/Allelujah Haptism – Jeff Delisle
Setsuna F. Seiei – Alex Kaplan
Himself – Benny Cho


Director/Editor – Mario Bueno
Producer – Wing Leung
Story – Mario Bueno and Riot Hashimoto/Mostflogged
Cinematography – Orin Sarabia, Richard Baldovin, Mario Bueno, Wing Leung, Nicole Berardi, Karl Custer, and Riot Hashimoto/Mostflogged
Main Title Design – Sarah Stover (

Special Thanks

Susie Kelly
Nicole Marino
Amanda Wu
Sarah Stover
Alicia Lugo
Jean-Luc Genesis
Emily Chern
Anthony Murray
Alexander Jiang
Alex and Juli Abene
Jonathan Mendez
Aaron Burrell
Michael Colon
Cliff Francisque
Ari Sorensen
Marion Falkowski
Carlos Vazquez
Allison O’Lear
Alex Pacheco
Joshua Seelall
Elaine Green
Johnny Dhaness
Mario Ulloa
Amiri Taylor

Extra Special Thanks

Wing Leung and all the Image Anime Staff


All the fans of the show for supporting it!