97th Meeting!

This week, Joel challenges you and Jace with a “Real or Fake Fake Anime Brand” quiz! Try and guess which fake brand names have appeared in anime and which Joel made up himself! Also, a DEEscussion on the merging of … Read More

96th Meeting!

This week: a DEEscussion about parents (or lack thereof) in anime!

95th Meeting!

This week: a DEEscussion about Tokusatsu and its influence and various appearances in anime!

94th Meeting!

With the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Award winners revealed, Joel and critHITjace discuss their takes on the results, the future of the Anime Awards, and what they’ve been keeping up with so far this season!

93rd Meeting!

This week, a DEEscussion about hobby anime!

92nd Meeting!

This week, a Winter 2022 season first impressions DEEscussion!

91st Meeting!

A DEEscussion about the recently released nominees for the 2022 Crunchyroll Anime Awards!

90th Meeting!

*Eurobeat intensifies*, because DEE (complete) Kai crew is here to preview Winter 2022!

89th Meeting! [AotY 2021 SPOILERS AHEAD]

…Really though, spoilers for the 2021 Anime of the Year viDEEo if you wish to remain surprised!

88th Meeting!

This week, a Christmas Eve wrap-up of the Fall 2021 Season!

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