107th Meeting!

This week’s topic: Original Anime Movies! (Standalone films that aren’t tied to an existing anime series…WATCH BUBBLE. #notsponsored)

108th Meeting!

This week: a DEEscussion of famed studio Production I.G.! (Ghost in the Shell, Psycho Pass, Haikyuu!! and SO many more…)

106th Meeting!

This week: the Toonami Revolution is DEEscussed!

105th Meeting!

Oh yeah, here we go…SPORTS TIME! We’ve seen a Triple Jump Youtube video before, so we’re gonna give this summary ALL WE’VE GOT! (But seriously, this week is focused around solo-oriented sports…such as golf with the anime Birdie Wing, boxing … Read More

104th Meeting!

This week: “Fake-Out Anime”, aka shows that are not what they appear to be from their key art/title, or take abrupt turns within their first few episodes. *GENERAL PURPOSE SPOILER WARNING! ANY SHOW DISCUSSED DURING THIS EPISODE WILL BE SPOILED!*

103rd Meeting!

This week, a DEEscussion of first impression opinions on the shows watched for the Spring season so far!

102nd Meeting!

It’s part 2 of the Spring 2022 seasonal preview! Get the initial TAKES and see which ones are going to be soft or hard passes for DEE crew!

99th Meeting!

Your weekly anime DEEscussion for the week of March 18th, 2022!

101st Meeting!

CHECK OUT OUR NEW PODCAST: DEE FRY. IT’S ALL ABOUT AIR FRYING AND AIR FRYING TECHNIQUES/RECIPES! (…Just kidding, it’s actually the Spring 2022 seasonal preview! Definitely could go for some air fried goodies, though…)

98th Meeting!

This week: DEE Life and Times of Truck-Kun! Yup, we’ve got a podcast about trucks, and how their impacts have left a mark on many a character in the world of anime.

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