Episode 165: DEE Hunt for DREAD October

This week, a follow-up from Tokyo Game Show, and spotlights on the news from the past two weeks including Sora’s announcement for Smash, New York Comic Con, Star Citizen’s online event, and more!

Episode 162: Dad of Teen

This week, Ken and Gino go over the Playstation State of Play (including some issues Gino has with the PlayStation UI), the NVidia database leak, and Esports news ranging from from Riot’s new client to DOTA 23 International as well … Read More

Episode 161: #TwitchDoBetter

With BirthDEE weekend right around the corner, Ken and Gino break down recent releases (profiling No More Heroes III and Psychonauts 2 in particular), as well as the week’s Twitch boycott, Sony’s sudden PS5 revision, and new info about the … Read More

Episode 160: Gamescom, Nom Nom

With the annual European gaming convention Gamescom taking place, Ken and Gino break down the most noteworthy announcements from the event!

Episode 159: We Can’t Hold All These Games

This week, Ken and Gino recap the glut of releases that dropped between episodes, as well as a brief DEEscussion of Limited Run Games, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Episode 156: Dead Space (Or, A Possibly Accurate Description of Activision-Blizzard…)

This week, besides covering the glut of interesting gaming news which included the reveal of a remake of the modern horror classic Dead Space, Ken and Gino sift through the recent investigation (and upcoming court case) for Activision-Blizzard.

Episode 155: Gabe Gear. Now with Oh, LED.

Returning from a brief break, Ken and Gino go over all the big news of the past two weeks, with a focus on the major handheld announcements from Nintendo and Valve!

Episode 154: TimberlakeStare.gif

As the month of July kicks off, Ken and Gino lament Sony’s various missteps in the past and present, LOTS of Microsoft-related oopsies, and other groanworthy items from the week in gaming.

Episode 153: That Was Definitely an E…and a 3…

Following the all-digital 2021 edition of E3, Ken and Gino rate presentations from across the event and talk about their favorite (and least favorite) things to come from it!

Episode 152: #HypeResponsibly

With E3 around the corner, Ken and Gino go through a responsibly-hyped recap of all the pre-show releases, as well as a rundown of the day’s Summer Games Fest presentation by Geoff Keighley and co!

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