21st Meeting!

With the combo of Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and BirthDEE weekend a week away, we look back on the anime released in the year DEE began: 2003!

20th Meeting!

Furry four-legged friends of the feline variety are the subject of this meeting! Also a BIG announcement for this year’s BirthDEE weekend and some other DEE-related musings!

19th Meeting!

This week, the crew tackles fanservice in anime! Which ones do it right, which ones do it wrong, and which ones walk that line? Let’s find out together in a very…BOUNCY meeting!

18th Meeting!

With Frongi tagging out for the week and Emi tagging back in, the discussion concludes our initial examination of merchandise, with a focus on plushies, additional “anime culture-specific” items, a look into the world of secondhand merch acquisition, and more!

17th Meeting!

This week, the crew discusses anime merchandise, as well as a guide for how to avoid bootlegs!

16th Meeting!

In honor of the recently released Playstation game “Ghost of Tsushima”, Ken rejoins the group to discuss samurai anime! SPECIAL GUEST: Kenneth Cardez (DEE CORe EiC/DEE CODE Host; @omegazed)

15th Meeting!

It’s Premieres week! Following a week-long break (partly due to the weekend of virtual anime events the prior week), the club convenes to talk about season/series premieres both new and old.

14th Meeting!

SHIPS, SET SAIL! (…We’re talking about anime character pairings this week. HAVE FUN!) SPECIAL GUEST: Laura Kovalcin (Head Designer, Go! Go! Curry! America; Letterer, Denpa)

13th Meeting!

As the group ends the first “cour” of the show, the discussion is centered on finales!

12th Meeting!

This week, we celebrate Joel’s birthday and our favorite voice actors (and feature performances) from both Japan and the US!

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