41st Meeting!

Student councils are the subject at hand this week!

40th Meeting!

The group talks about the exciting new partnership with Image Anime (http://www.imageanime.com), Winter Season 2021, and makes plans for Crunchyroll’s upcoming Anime Awards!

39th Meeting!

A DEErectors Cut discussion of our 2020 Anime of the Year list! (Spoilers ahead; original video on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSSYnl5wF6Q)

38th Meeting!

On New Year’s DEE 2021, the crew is joined by the pink-shirted anime industry veteran Henry Lee to discuss the highlights in 2020 anime! SPECIAL GUEST: Henry Lee (ACParadise co-founder/co-owner; @genri)

37th Meeting!

T’was the week before Christmas, and on this podcast…the crew talks about (holiday) anime, and has quite a blast!

36th Meeting!

Following a VERY loaded night for fandoms, the crew gathers to talk about anime that they’d pair together ala “wine samplings.” It’s CLASSY. (Bring your own cheese.)

35th Meeting!

Talk turns to “YAWN-dere”…everyone’s favorite lazy/sleepy charas and the tropes that go with them! (…Ok, good night…zzzzzz)

34th Meeting!

In a mouth-watering episode, the crew talks about food in anime! As in, like…LITERAL FOOD. (WARNING: Do NOT listen while hungry.)

33rd Meeting!

Anime homes. Fish grills. Mario’s back. ‘Nuff said!

32nd Meeting!

This week, the focus turns to harem anime! Once again, Kailey drops by to join the DEEscussion! SPECIAL GUEST: Kailey Reyes (Co-Chair Texas Idol Festival Group, DEE Twitch Contributor; @MewMewRith)

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