67th Meeting!

This week, Joel shares his impressions of the Summer anime he’s kept up with while Mario indulges in PIZZA TIME live on the air!

66th Meeting!

Continuing with last week’s theme, this week features another in-depth DEEscussion about the classic anime Trigun!

65th Meeting!

This week: a DEEp dive DEEscussion into “Moriarty the Patriot!” (NOTE: This episode is presented unedited.)

64th Meeting!

It’s Part 2 of the Summer Season Preview with special guest Hayes!

63rd Meeting!

Joined by Mario, Mary, and Larein, it’s Part 1 of the Summer Season Preview! SPECIAL GUEST: Larein (DEE Contributor/Project Artist; @larein)

62nd Meeting!

Emi Returns™! Also, a “grab-bag” topic DEEscussion.

61st Meeting!

Grab your finest anime weapon and enter DEE arena…we’re talking our favorite weapons (excluding magical powers and physical extensions) in anime! SPECIAL GUEST: John H. Baker (aka NeoIvan, DEE Contributor/Editor/Audio Engineer/Discord Manager; twitch.tv/neoivan_gaming)

60th Meeting!

This week, anime fashion (costume design/etc.) is the main focus!

59th Meeting!

With DEE Founder Mario Bueno back in the fold for the week, the discussion gets centered on cinematic choices in anime! (In particular, things like unusual animation style, unique narrative elements, etc.)

58th Meeting!

This week, the DEEscussion focuses on villains in anime and what makes a good overall villain!

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