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Current Contributors

Mario Bueno (EMP_Maniac)

DEE Founder. DEE Renaissance Man. Fmr. Kaiju Big Battel Lead Announcer and The Leaderboard Host. Built this city on rock & roll/STP. [Website]

Kenneth Cardez (OmegaZed)

DEE CORe Editor-in-Chief. DEE CODE podcast host. NYC-based gamer dad. The Manliest Maid Guy. Writes stuff. He is Doom. [Twitter]

Luigino Gigante (CLGeekboy)

Owner/Founder of Waypoint Cafe NYC. DEE CODE podcast co-host/on-site producer/audio editor. Import comic aficionado. [Website]

Ramon J. Para (RJ_Para)

Creator, Kokoro no Pro. NJ-based Streamer. Cosplayer. Wrestling aficionado. [Twitch Channel]

Joel Guttman

DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host, RaDEEo Dramas Project Director, Twitch streamer. Lover of music, games, and anime. Usually combinations of all three. [LinkedIn]


Artist, Kokoro no Pro. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Loves anime and sweets. Should probably cut back on both. [Website]

Kendra Rowland (Angel’s Kiss Cosplay)

DEE Webmaster, Cosplayer, and Designer.

Taylor Starnes (YaGirlReach)

Utility tech by day, girlboss by night. HCW Project Director. Radiates chaotic energy. Has no idea what she’s doing but is just happy to be here. [YouTube Channel]

Laura K.

Illustrator & DEEsigner for your fave subscription box brand. DEEsigner of our mascot and the logo+additional art on Kokoro no Pro. Nerd-born cosplayer. Has too many plants but no regrets about it. [Website]

Remy (dancingredsox)

DEE Kai (会) podcast+ViDEEo editor. Lover of anime, video games, baseball, and hiding in the background.

Jason “Jace” Amherst

DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host. New England-based streamer. Tokusatsu enthusiast. Manages a virtual monkey. [Website]

Cam Griffin (PinkBile)

RaDEEo Dramas cast member. Streamer. DEEclarer of Lore. Voice of the Swarm Child. This Chaotic Clown from Cowtown is here to make people laugh. [Twitter]