John H. Baker (NeoIvan)

DEE OG. Twitch Streamer/PC Gamer from NYC. Fought a bunny to the death and dropped a Plantain with a Stunner that one time. [Twitch Channel]

Mario Bueno (EMP_Maniac)

DEE Founder. DEE Renaissance Man. Reviewer/Presenter for TTPM. “The Leaderboard”/”Channel Frederator” Host. Built this city on rock & roll/STP. [Website]

Kenneth Cardez (OmegaZed)

DEE CORe Editor-in-Chief. DEE CODE podcast host. NYC-based gamer dad. The Manliest Maid Guy. Writes stuff. He is Doom. [Twitter]

Luigino Gigante (CLGeekboy)

Owner/Founder of Waypoint Cafe NYC. DEE CODE podcast co-host/on-site producer. Import comic aficionado. [Website]

Wally Oruam (ForteWally)

DEE CODE podcast co-host. Dapper Gent. Loves Kirby and spinning top-shelf catchphrases. [Twitter]

E.R. Frongillo (Frongi)

DEE CORe Contributor, DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host. Writer. Actor. Cosplayer. Generally found screaming about anime. [Website]

Emi Lo (Kitsunesqueak)

DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host. Voice Actor. Concert pianist. Can be heard in anime productions like this one! [Twitter]

DeAnna T. Tucker (“D”)

DEE CORe contributor. Writer. Cosplayer. Gamer. Otaku. Japanophile. Coffee aficionado. [Instagram]

Joel Guttman

DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host, RaDEEo Dramas Project Director, DEE Twitch streamer. Lover of music, games, and anime. Usually combinations of all three. [LinkedIn]

Ramon J. Para (RJ_Para)

DEE Twitch stream team member. NJ-based Streamer. Cosplayer. Wrestling aficionado. [Twitch Channel]


DEE Twitch stream team member and conceptual/project artist. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Loves anime and sweets. Should probably cut back on both. [website]

Kendra Rowland (Angel’s Kiss Cosplay)

DEE Webmaster, Cosplayer, and Designer.