A 21st Century Multimedia Production Outlet

Formed in 2003 by Mario Bueno, Digital Era Entertainment is a multimedia production outlet which, to date, has specialized in narrative and informative projects rooted in nerd culture.

From 2003-2013, we specialized in fan-made video projects pertaining to Otaku and electronic music culture. Among these works were the partially completed short film/trailer series “Resident Evil: Bunny” (2004; HD Remake in 2007/released 2015), our feature length fan film “Final Fantasy vs Kaiju Big Battel” (2005), and the webseries “Doujinopolis” (2009-2010).

We also produced advertisements and promo videos for others such as American Cosplay Paradise+Aniplex of America (2010-2011), and content for some of our partners like Uncle Yo (including his 2010 DVD Feature and 2013 web promos for “EctoKittLorean”). We even collaborated with Sunrise Inc. and various partners for a first-class Broadway production concept from October 2012-November 2016.

In 2017, we (re-)debuted DEE CORe, an informative-minded venture (originally slated for release back in 2007) featuring DEE Staff and regular contributors sharing thoughts and providing informative content. Podcasts for this subsidiary include “DEE CODE” (premiered 1/1/2018), an Esports and gaming-themed program helmed by DEE CORe Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Cardez, and “DEE Kai (会)” (premiered 3/27/2020), an anime-themed discussion forum featuring Frongi, Joel G., and Emi Lo.

Concurrent to the launch of “DEE CODE” in 2018, we began offering Twitch-based livestream programming, which has since has expanded to include nightly game streams by DEE Team members (such as NeoIvan Gaming, RJ Para and Larein), monthly special events (including RaDEEo Dramas), and more.

Our ongoing mission is to create multimedia entertainment projects that can ultimately reach all walks of life across multiple formats/platforms while still remaining true to our multifaceted nerd culture roots.

For information about Digital Era Entertainment’s staff please have a look at our team profiles.