10th Meeting!

Hot off the heels of the previous three episodes’ “Music Arc”, the discussion turns to “Tournament arcs!” (With an additional discussion of the potential impact of the recently released HBOMax!)

Episode 104: Last State of Qutennight

Following the previous week’s MomoConline outing, the group recaps the varied week in gaming/Esports news, including DOTA 2 updates, recent/upcoming game releases, and a fascinating discussion on art and censorship on the Twitch platform!

9th Meeting!

The MUSIC ARC trilogy comes to a close as the group screams about insert songs from their favorite shows!

Episode 103: Feelin’ Peachy!

In a special episode recorded as part of MomoConline 2020, the crew discusses the games they’ve been playing recently, the latest Esports news updates (including a focus on hero-based FPSes), and take Q&A from the MomoCon faithful!

8th Meeting!

As the epic MUSIC ARC carries on, the group sits down to talk about OSTs proper, including spotlights on some of their favorite composers/soundtracks. Also, announcements for a slate of MomoCONtent for the following week!

Episode 102: EVOlution

Following an eventful day which saw the shuffling of the annual Evo fighting game tournament to an online tournament and Sony’s latest State of Play, the crew discusses these happenings as well as examinations of habits within the fighting game … Read More

7th Meeting!

This week, the crew discusses Opening and Ending songs, both as individual tracks and pieces of culture!

Episode 101: Wonderful

Fresh off the milestone 100th episode, the crew discusses the day’s Xbox Series X games reveal, as well as a brief discussion of gaming censorship in the modern era vs classic era, the “Esports readiness” of some games vs others, … Read More

6th Meeting!

It’s all about video game adaptations in this week’s meeting! And of course, being about games, the team is joined by DEE CORe Editor-In-Chief (and DEE CODE Podcast host) Kenneth Cardez (@omega_zed)…buckle up and grab your favorite heavily-caffeinated Gamer Drink™, … Read More

Episode 100: Happy Hundo Day!

Hitting another milestone, the crew crosses the first hundred episodes! Enjoying a virtual cake from DEE Safe Zone(s), the team discuss (spoiler-free) the leak situation surrounding “The Last of Us 2”, the recently released Streets of Rage 4, and the … Read More

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