Episode 80: Halloween Boo-Urns

On an episode so SPOOOOKY that Gino was a literal floating head (…he was dressed as Luigi with a green screen behind him, hahah), the crew discusses Sega games (specifically Yakuza), the week’s surprise Destiny 2 event, and the unexpected WeW… Read More

Episode 79: You’ve Been…Refunded

Things escalated QUICKLY regarding China and the gaming industry since last episode, so the team digs deep and discusses the latest happenings! Also, a recap of recent indie/niche releases and the PS5 spec announcements.… Read More

Episode 78: The Hiroshi Tanahashi 20th NJPW Anniversary Spectacular (ft. Wally’s Birthday and China)

On The Day of Wally, the gang celebrates Wally leveling up another year! Also, an unexpected discussion of cinematic fighting games, Game of the Year list progress, and an extended discussion of the current Destiny 2 content. Oh, and that whole China thi… Read More

Episode 77: Outbreak Day – The Last of Us Part 2

Continuing with a month of anniversaries, the crew celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the show’s weekly home (Waypoint Cafe NYC, located at 65 Ludlow Street in New York, NY)! Also, recaps of Sony’s State of Play, the week’s Esports news,… Read More

Episode 76: Ken Wins!

This week, as Gino live!queues for MAGFest hotels, the team discusses E3’s re-branding for 2020 and excitedly discusses their collective, enthusiastic descent into Destiny 2 (with Ken relishing the whole thing). Also, the remaining impressions from… Read More

Episode 75: Diamond Dogs And Funky Fetuses

On another milestone episode, Ken and Gino discuss all the news from Day 1 of Tokyo Game Show 2019. Also, Destiny 2 updates and speculations about Sony’s upcoming presentation!… Read More

Episode 74: Sweet Sixteen!

On the brand’s 16th BirthDEE, Ken and Gino break down the week’s surprise Nintendo Direct, and pre-TGS 2019 announcements. Also, all the week’s Esports news!… Read More

Episode 73: Our Wallets Can’t Take No More Captain!

On the week before the brand’s 16th BirthDEE (and just before the year’s Dragon*Con convention), Ken and Wally discuss the massive streaming numbers pulled in by TI9, major news in the Call of Duty Esports League, Fortnite and their latest cr… Read More


GUTEN TAG! Herrs Cardez, Oruam, and Gigante discuss der Gamescom. Also, a summary of DOTA 2’s ninth iteration of TI and updates about the physical+digital competitions for Magic: The Gathering. ‘Nuff said!… Read More

Episode 71: BS and Banter

This week, Ken and Gino cover The International, Activision’s handling of Call of Duty League, and discussions about Ol’ Gil’s latest attempted cashgrab. Also, remasters we do/don’t want to see, and other gaming/esports news from… Read More

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