Episode #118: Breaking DEE Bank

24 hours removed from the Playstation 5 info stream and a Nintendo Direct earlier in the day, the crew recaps highlights from both announcements.

23rd Meeting!

Enjoying a Virtual Crunchyroll Expo victory lap, Emi reveals exciting new roles, and the group discusses anime that ended too soon!

22nd Meeting!

The crew has a special discussion at Crunchyroll Expo’s virtual edition! Recapped are convention life, stories of mentors, and other anecdotes not usually shared on our weekly broadcast!

Episode 117: All Ur Reacts R Belong 2 Us

On a rather loaded week of news, the crew discusses the Twitch Esports announcement, League finals, Call of Duty’s multiplayer reveal, Hyrule Warriors 2, Ubisoft Forward, and pricing reveals for Microsoft Series X/S!

Episode 116: BirthDEE and Super Mario-versary!

On a week featuring Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and the 17th anniversary of DEE, the group discusses Nintendo’s Super Mario 35th Anniversary plans and the latest in gaming tech news and Esports!

21st Meeting!

With the combo of Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and BirthDEE weekend a week away, we look back on the anime released in the year DEE began: 2003!

Episode 115: SDGC

In addition to an update on the Epic/Apple/Google/Etc. situation, the crew goes over the the opening night news from the socially distant version of GamesCom 2020!

20th Meeting!

Furry four-legged friends of the feline variety are the subject of this meeting! Also a BIG announcement for this year’s BirthDEE weekend and some other DEE-related musings!


Taking a break from the usual “inside baseball” behind the scenes of gaming, the crew opts to focus on actual games and gameplay, including the new Battletoads, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Fall Guys, their favorite picks from the recent Nintendo … Read More

19th Meeting!

This week, the crew tackles fanservice in anime! Which ones do it right, which ones do it wrong, and which ones walk that line? Let’s find out together in a very…BOUNCY meeting!

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