Episode 86: Oops, All Fire Emblem!

Following the latest Smash Direct, Ken and Wally discuss the potential future of Smash character releases, the announced lack of exclusives for the first year of the upcoming XBox Series X, and the state of gaming fandom…all of which culminates … Read More

Episode 85: The 3rd BirthDEE

In the first episode of 2020, Ken and Gino celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the DEE CORe brand in style by discussing post-MAGFest shenanigans, the inevitable hot takes on “The Rise of Skywalker,” and a discussion of the past decade … Read More

Episode 84: The Game Awards (2019)…THE PRE-SHOW!

On the night of the 2019 edition of The Game Awards, Ken and the crew discuss the history of the show and break down the nominees! Also, gaming and Esports news from the week, including thoughts on Sony’s latest State … Read More

Episode 83: In Soviet Russia, Game Plays You!

This week, Ken and Gino break down the worst of the decade and the 25th anniversary of the Playstation brand! Also, the latest major developments in the Esports world and the upcoming Destiny 2 season!

Episode 82: Google Stadi-d’oh

After a brief pause for Anime NYC 2019, the team is back to scream about the newly released Google Stadia, anime, and Pokemon Sword/Shield! (Also, the newly announced Half-Life VR game, VR Esports, and Star Wars.)

Episode 81: In All Things, Balance…

This week, Ken and Gino have an in-depth discussion of Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as Blizzcon 2019, the late-year metamorphosis of EA, and one last set of pre-release thoughts on Death Stranding.… Read More

Episode 80: Halloween Boo-Urns

On an episode so SPOOOOKY that Gino was a literal floating head (…he was dressed as Luigi with a green screen behind him, hahah), the crew discusses Sega games (specifically Yakuza), the week’s surprise Destiny 2 event, and the unexpected WeW… Read More

Episode 79: You’ve Been…Refunded

Things escalated QUICKLY regarding China and the gaming industry since last episode, so the team digs deep and discusses the latest happenings! Also, a recap of recent indie/niche releases and the PS5 spec announcements.… Read More

Episode 78: The Hiroshi Tanahashi 20th NJPW Anniversary Spectacular (ft. Wally’s Birthday and China)

On The Day of Wally, the gang celebrates Wally leveling up another year! Also, an unexpected discussion of cinematic fighting games, Game of the Year list progress, and an extended discussion of the current Destiny 2 content. Oh, and that whole China thi… Read More

Episode 77: Outbreak Day – The Last of Us Part 2

Continuing with a month of anniversaries, the crew celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the show’s weekly home (Waypoint Cafe NYC, located at 65 Ludlow Street in New York, NY)! Also, recaps of Sony’s State of Play, the week’s Esports news,… Read More

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