35th Meeting!

Talk turns to “YAWN-dere”…everyone’s favorite lazy/sleepy charas and the tropes that go with them! (…Ok, good night…zzzzzz)

Episode 128: You Can’t “Win” Hades

Returning from Thanksgiving break, the crew catch up on the gaming news of the past two weeks, and discuss their biggest gaming disappointments of 2020!

34th Meeting!

In a mouth-watering episode, the crew talks about food in anime! As in, like…LITERAL FOOD. (WARNING: Do NOT listen while hungry.)

Episode 127: Spike(d) TV Gaming Awards Nominees

With the annual Game Awards nominees being released, the group gives their thoughts while also covering the week’s Esports/gaming news (with a deviation to talk 007 thanks to IO Interactive’s game announcement) and initial thoughts post-Next Gen console launch!

33rd Meeting!

Anime homes. Fish grills. Mario’s back. ‘Nuff said!

Episode 126: Live from the Four Seasons…

With next gen launches finally underway, the crew discusses mail mishaps that are coming with the unusual release circumstances as well as the latest DCMA-related shenanigans plaguing Twitch.

32nd Meeting!

This week, the focus turns to harem anime! Once again, Kailey drops by to join the DEEscussion! SPECIAL GUEST: Kailey Reyes (Co-Chair Texas Idol Festival Group, DEE Twitch Contributor; @MewMewRith)

Episode 125: Next Gen Electoral Dysfunction

Following the tumult of the 2020 US Presidential Election, the crew not just give their initial thoughts on the immediate fallout but also the impending release of the long-awaited next gen consoles.

31st Meeting!

EMI IS RENA IN HIGURASHI, EMI IS RENA IN HIGURASHI, EMI IS RENA IN HIGURASHI…also, with Emi being MIA to record other new material for [REDACTED], Merry returns to chat about side characters! SPECIAL GUEST: Merry Wu (Fashion Designer; @MerrySheep94)

30th Meeting!

On the eve of All Hallow’s Eve (or the night before Halloween), the group discusses spooky/SPOOPY anime!

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