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State Of The CORe – July (2017)

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Hello again CORe readers and welcome to just past the halfway point. A little over six months since we’ve started this venture and some things have landed and some things missed only to be put back on the drawing board and redone.

We had planned to have video content for you prior to this post especially for Quarter 2 months, but scheduling snafus and real life priorities took a snub to that. Thankfully we have regrouped and can announce that YouTube content is coming very soon. It’ll mostly be game play uploads and uploads of our streamed content for those who miss our streams and want to see what was discussed. We do realize we’ve fallen off our planned schedule for streams and our goal is to get back on track with that starting this week.

We’ll be floating back to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday night schedule of 8:30pm EST after this weeks content. Our Editor-In-Chief’s own Twitch is the current haven for those streams until we solidify our own platform and you can join in his shenanigans over at www.twich.tv/GrandiloquentZed. Be sure to subscribe and set those notifications up so you can see when we go live. We’ll list the other relevant social media contact information below. We’ll have the staple games like Destiny 2, Overwatch and even the upcoming Lawbreakers as standard content for now, but feel free to let us know what you would like to see. Tell us if you want some retro games or if you want to see us go through our PS4 back log on stream as well. We want to hear from you and some have chimed in here and there but we know there are so many of you out there. Chat with us on the streams, hit us up on the Twitter and even bug our E-I-C on his Instagram.

This week marks the Destiny 2 Beta which begins on Tuesday, July 18th for those who pre-ordered the game. We’ll be uploading our streamed content to our YouTube channel as the streams are done. These streams will contain commentary from our E-I-C and some other cool things like the debut reveal of our very own Destiny Clan; The Guardian Domain. We’ll have more on who they are later and what they’ll be bringing to the table stream wise.

We’ll be uploading these videos over the next 4 days by activity, so expect a video on the Homecoming mission with game play showing off each class, the Inverted Spire Strike with each class, the new Countdown multiplayer mode and then our final stream this week will be on Friday as we show off the beta’s updated Control mode. 4 days of video content with our E-I-C providing the chops, all for your enjoyment. The streams will go up each day at 8/8:30pm EST.

A lot of this month is just getting back on track with posting and reviews and general articles. We’re still going through games we haven’t finished yet and after finally conquering Horizon: Zero Dawn and Nier: Automata, we’re currently finishing up Persona 5 and Mass Effect Andromeda. What did we think of those? You’ll know soon enough.

Small update for now, but trust when we say we have things planned and they are currently on the white board and are just being organized and seeing how we can do it within the time we have. In the meantime, feel free to add us over on the following social media outlets:

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