Richard Baldovin (Camera Ninja)

ViDEEographer/ViDEEo editor, TikTok Manager. He’s covered (Nerf) wars, you know. [Website]

DeAnna T. Tucker (“D”)

Past DEE CORe contributor. Writer. Cosplayer. Gamer. Otaku. Japanophile. Coffee aficionado. [Instagram]

Emi Lo (Kitsunesqueak)

Original DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host. Voice Actor. Concert pianist. Resident Board Game Dictator for Life. [Twitter]

E.R. Frongillo (Frongi)

Original DEE Kai (会) podcast co-host, DEE Voice of our Youtube Channel since 2018. Writer. Actor. Cosplayer. Generally found screaming about anime. [Website]

Wally Oruam (ForteWally)

Original DEE CODE podcast co-host. Dapper Gent. GM for Hire. Loves Kirby and spinning top-shelf catchphrases. [Twitter]