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State of the CORe – Summer 2018

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We’ve been busy.

A lot of behind the scenes things took away most of our attention these past few months and through a lot of careful planning and plotting we’ve put out some great efforts. Let’s take a look.

Our first video essay on the highly acclaimed new entry in the God of War series went up on our YouTube channel. Wonderfully narrated by DEE founder Mario Bueno, spliced together by our good friend (and fellow DEE alumni) Richard Baldovin of Trifocal Productions, with a script by yours truly, we’re proud to put out this first of hopefully many more video essays for you all.

We’ve finally and recently hit Twitch Affiliate! We couldn’t have done this without all your help and we truly appreciate the support as we build this brand to bigger and better things. We’re working on creating all the custom emotes and other Twitch goodies that you can get for subscribing. We hope you continue to tune into our weekly streams every Tuesday and Thursday. As you are aware, every Tuesday we showcase new games and play through some of the flavors of the month for you and every Thursday is of our standard podcast live stream. Missed an episode of the podcast? No worries as we have them archived right over at www.stepintothecore.com/audio

We’re also available on Google Play and iTunes.

What does this mean for our other methods of content such as YouTube or Mixer? Glad you asked.

Our YouTube content will be exclusive to our video essays and eventual uploads of full game playthroughs. We’re currently deciding what games to showcase with our Tuesday game streams especially as we are looking to dive into more of the competitive e-sports scene with games like Overwatch and Quake Champions.

As for what we intend to do with Mixer, we here at CODE are planning exclusive content that we can provide through the network and we will announce that once we have a more concrete idea on what to showcase for all of you. Mixer while being the newest of the streaming platforms to come forth and be successful on has grown in popularity and we understand the need for content through it. Perhaps a spin-off of sorts is in order? We shall see, and will announce that accordingly once we have more concrete details that don’t violate any sort of Affiliate and Partner arrangements we have to worry about.

On the competitive gaming side of things our resident gaming clan, The CORe Guardians who have been on previous Twitch streams showing off Destiny 2 multiplayer and single player content, have been very vocal at their displeasure of the direction Destiny 2 has been going in and are currently debating on whether to pursue continuing within that direction. We mentioned in a previous episode of the CODE podcast and during our live-streamed E3 show that we may be making the move to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Activision recently revealed their plans with the Black Ops Pass and it’s been a mess of an ordeal amongst many fans of the series and those in the gaming community. We feel that they are purposely locking content behind a paywall and do not support this endeavor and are officially taking back that statement as we will not be purchasing Black Ops 4 until a much more appeasing option is made available that is more consumer friendly than having to shell out $100 for some things that should be available with the game at launch. We are aware of the irony that supporting something like Destiny 2 while avoiding Call of Duty presents, but Destiny 2 was more of a hope that they’d keep things right whereas Black Ops 4 is everything wrong with the video game industry today and comes across as disappointing. I can confirm I will still be participating in the upcoming Forsaken expansion when it drops on September 4th later this year.

The CORe Guardians still vow to keep championing multiplayer game play and show off how we work as a unit. Some of us will continue with Destiny 2, and we are looking to add other games to our rounds for the stream. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a title we feel will have a large multiplayer component and we are excited to see more news on that. We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

Until next time folks, stay gaming.

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