Doubletakes: Domestic Girlfriend (Episodes 11 & 12)

EPISODE 11 Solid Writing Advice Natsuo goes to his literature teacher’s house to beg to become his apprentice. The literature teacher is also a famous novelist, and Natsuo wants to be a novelist too. But his literature teacher declines to … Read More

Doubletakes: Domestic Girlfriend (Episodes 9 & 10)

EPISODE 09 The Affair Begins Natsuo and Hina have begun a legitimate affair. Natsuo has Hina’s house key. Sex is on the horizon, but for now, just lots of making out and hiding their relationship from everyone at school and … Read More

Doubletakes: Domestic Girlfriend (Episodes 7 & 8)

EPISODE 07 Double Suicide Hina tells Natsuo about how she met Shuu, the cheating husband she dated. Turns out Shuu was her teacher when she was in high school — a disturbing parallel. But luckily, Hina didn’t get involved with … Read More

Doubletakes: Domestic Girlfriend (Episodes 5 & 6)

EPISODE 05 Side-Tie Panties We are introduced to a cute and vaguely sleazy girl named Momo who somewhat-aggressively wants to get into Natsuo’s pants. She wants Rui to support her in her efforts. Ultimately, Momo doesn’t succeed. Natsuo gets close … Read More

Doubletakes: Domestic Girlfriend (Episodes 3 & 4)

EPISODE 03 “Caught-in-the-act” Drama This is the second time we’ve seen the characters of this show take on the guise of other, pretend characters and engage in acting out ridiculous, melodramatic scenes. Reaction as a fan: I just busted out laughing. … Read More

Doubletakes: Domestic Girlfriend (Episodes 1 & 2)

Welcome to another Doubletakes session! For each post in this series, I’ll dive into an episode or two of Domestic Girlfriend (also known as DomeKano, because “kanojo” is the Japanese word for “girlfriend”). I’ll present two “takes” from each episode — two … Read More