29th Meeting!

With special guest Merry in tow, the idol discussion continues! SPECIAL GUEST: Merry Wu (Fashion Designer; @MerrySheep94)

28th Meeting!

With special guest in tow, the crew chats about idol anime! SPECIAL GUEST: Kailey Reyes (Co-Chair Texas Idol Festival Group, DEE Twitch Contributor; @MewMewRith)

27th Meeting!

This week, the discussion turns to mystery anime!

26th Meeting!

This week, the discussion is centered around Studio Gonzo; also, regular DEE contributor D (@twinfish89) joins the club!

25th Meeting!

In a very “end of season” twist, with Mario about to leave on a training quest to unlock a mystical power or whatever*, the group looks ahead to highlights/personal picks of the Fall 2020 anime season! *actually to go record … Read More

24th Meeting!

With Frongi and Emi off to unpack and literally record anime during an anime podcast, DEE Boys have an episode about…SHONEN! SPECIAL GUEST: Wally Oruam (DEE CODE Host; @WallE132)

23rd Meeting!

Enjoying a Virtual Crunchyroll Expo victory lap, Emi reveals exciting new roles, and the group discusses anime that ended too soon!

22nd Meeting!

The crew has a special discussion at Crunchyroll Expo’s virtual edition! Recapped are convention life, stories of mentors, and other anecdotes not usually shared on our weekly broadcast!

21st Meeting!

With the combo of Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and BirthDEE weekend a week away, we look back on the anime released in the year DEE began: 2003!

20th Meeting!

Furry four-legged friends of the feline variety are the subject of this meeting! Also a BIG announcement for this year’s BirthDEE weekend and some other DEE-related musings!

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