31st Meeting!

EMI IS RENA IN HIGURASHI, EMI IS RENA IN HIGURASHI, EMI IS RENA IN HIGURASHI…also, with Emi being MIA to record other new material for [REDACTED], Merry returns to chat about side characters! SPECIAL GUEST: Merry Wu (Fashion Designer; @MerrySheep94)

30th Meeting!

On the eve of All Hallow’s Eve (or the night before Halloween), the group discusses spooky/SPOOPY anime!

29th Meeting!

With special guest Merry in tow, the idol discussion continues! SPECIAL GUEST: Merry Wu (Fashion Designer; @MerrySheep94)

28th Meeting!

With special guest in tow, the crew chats about idol anime! SPECIAL GUEST: Kailey Reyes (Co-Chair Texas Idol Festival Group, DEE Twitch Contributor; @MewMewRith)

27th Meeting!

This week, the discussion turns to mystery anime!

26th Meeting!

This week, the discussion is centered around Studio Gonzo; also, regular DEE contributor D (@twinfish89) joins the club!

25th Meeting!

In a very “end of season” twist, with Mario about to leave on a training quest to unlock a mystical power or whatever*, the group looks ahead to highlights/personal picks of the Fall 2020 anime season! *actually to go record … Read More

24th Meeting!

With Frongi and Emi off to unpack and literally record anime during an anime podcast, DEE Boys have an episode about…SHONEN! SPECIAL GUEST: Wally Oruam (DEE CODE Host; @WallE132)

23rd Meeting!

Enjoying a Virtual Crunchyroll Expo victory lap, Emi reveals exciting new roles, and the group discusses anime that ended too soon!

22nd Meeting!

The crew has a special discussion at Crunchyroll Expo’s virtual edition! Recapped are convention life, stories of mentors, and other anecdotes not usually shared on our weekly broadcast!

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