112th Meeting!

This week: getting to know our guests Raizo and Milky! It’s a good ol’ fashioned “introduction episode,” so let’s get to know each other!

111th Meeting!

This week: a spotlight on composer Yuki Kajiura! (Curated music playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSNjyTYk1vDTQvOMN9heynyBjAQlieaMG)

110th Meeting!

This week: a DEEscussion on the evolution of (anime) convention culture and how it is running a convention!

109th Meeting!

This week, it’s another special retrospective: Anime in 1998!

107th Meeting!

This week’s topic: Original Anime Movies! (Standalone films that aren’t tied to an existing anime series…WATCH BUBBLE. #notsponsored)

108th Meeting!

This week: a DEEscussion of famed studio Production I.G.! (Ghost in the Shell, Psycho Pass, Haikyuu!! and SO many more…)

106th Meeting!

This week: the Toonami Revolution is DEEscussed!

105th Meeting!

Oh yeah, here we go…SPORTS TIME! We’ve seen a Triple Jump Youtube video before, so we’re gonna give this summary ALL WE’VE GOT! (But seriously, this week is focused around solo-oriented sports…such as golf with the anime Birdie Wing, boxing … Read More

104th Meeting!

This week: “Fake-Out Anime”, aka shows that are not what they appear to be from their key art/title, or take abrupt turns within their first few episodes. *GENERAL PURPOSE SPOILER WARNING! ANY SHOW DISCUSSED DURING THIS EPISODE WILL BE SPOILED!*

103rd Meeting!

This week, a DEEscussion of first impression opinions on the shows watched for the Spring season so far!

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