45th Meeting!

On the day of the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, the crew shares their predictions/picks for who will win in every category!

44th Meeting!

It’s a Happy Hour pre-game with an episode dedicated to…drinking. Both alcoholic and non. Yup. (Also, Emi returns and talks about her recent work!)

43rd Meeting!

This week, some…”spirited” recaps and a discussion about the 2007 Gainax classic Gurren Lagann!

42nd Meeting!

A discussion of “anime that you’d never think would get made into anime!” SPECIAL GUESTS: Laura Kovalcin (Head Designer, Go! Go! Curry! America; Letterer, Denpa), RJ Para (DEE Stream Team Member; @RJ_Para)

41st Meeting!

Student councils are the subject at hand this week!

40th Meeting!

The group talks about the exciting new partnership with Image Anime (http://www.imageanime.com), Winter Season 2021, and makes plans for Crunchyroll’s upcoming Anime Awards!

39th Meeting!

A DEErectors Cut discussion of our 2020 Anime of the Year list! (Spoilers ahead; original video on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSSYnl5wF6Q)

38th Meeting!

On New Year’s DEE 2021, the crew is joined by the pink-shirted anime industry veteran Henry Lee to discuss the highlights in 2020 anime! SPECIAL GUEST: Henry Lee (ACParadise co-founder/co-owner; @genri)

37th Meeting!

T’was the week before Christmas, and on this podcast…the crew talks about (holiday) anime, and has quite a blast!

36th Meeting!

Following a VERY loaded night for fandoms, the crew gathers to talk about anime that they’d pair together ala “wine samplings.” It’s CLASSY. (Bring your own cheese.)

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