82nd Meeting!

It’s a grab bag of topics ranging from Netflix live-action adaptations to the upcoming Anime NYC weekend!

81st Meeting!

DEE gang’s all here for the first time in months! Tune in to hear what Emi and Frongi have been up to (and have coming next)!

80th Meeting!

It’s back to the 80’s as, following a quick recap on the week’s new episodes, Mario puts on the professor’s vest to share thoughts on the decade’s style/influential shows/etc.!

79th Meeting!

Joel and Mario pay tribute to Chris Ayers, recap the week’s releases (with a focus on the debut of Netflix’s “Komi Can’t Communicate”), and dig into visual novel anime adaptations!

78th Meeting!

This week, Joel and Mario recap NYCC (and anime’s dominant presence at the show) as well as a few highlights from the start of Fall anime season!

77th Meeting!

It’s the second part of the Fall 2021 anime season preview!

76th Meeting!

The first part of the Fall 2021 Season Preview gets underway!

75th Meeting!

This week, a thorough breakdown of Summer’s shows through the lens of a preliminary DEEscussion of the 2021 Anime of the Year rankings!

74th Meeting!

This week, we ponder DEE question…WHAT IF…?

73rd Meeting!

This week, the topic turns to the Summer 2021 season as it nears its end!

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