92nd Meeting!

This week, a Winter 2022 season first impressions DEEscussion!

91st Meeting!

A DEEscussion about the recently released nominees for the 2022 Crunchyroll Anime Awards!

90th Meeting!

*Eurobeat intensifies*, because DEE (complete) Kai crew is here to preview Winter 2022!

89th Meeting! [AotY 2021 SPOILERS AHEAD]

…Really though, spoilers for the 2021 Anime of the Year viDEEo if you wish to remain surprised!

88th Meeting!

This week, a Christmas Eve wrap-up of the Fall 2021 Season!

87th Meeting!

It’s a DEEscussion about superheroes in anime (inspired by “Spider-Man: No Way Home’s” release) with special guest Jason Amherst AKA Crit Hit Productions (@critHITjace)!

86th Meeting!

This week: a recap of Anime Frontier, the cancellation of Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop”, and an assessment of shows that are wrapped/nearly wrapped for the season!

85th Meeting!

DRAGON, DRAGON…ROCK DEE DRAGON…DRAGON BALL DEE! (Yup, we’re talking Dragonball this week with Mario and guests NeoIvan and DEE CORe EiC Kenneth Cardez!)

84th Meeting!

A recap of Anime NYC, weekly anime, and initial DEEscussion about Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop” adaptation! (And live-action anime adaptations as a whole.)

83rd Meeting!

On the weekend of Anime NYC 2021, Joel and returning special guest Hayes DEEscuss anime vehicles (minus mecha)!

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