Episode 138: Four More Years!

The day after the 4th anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, Ken and Gino discuss the system’s life to now (and where it can go next), as well as the week’s Esports and gaming news!

Episode 137: See You, Space!Gil…

On a very special DEE CODE, Ken and Gino DEEliver the sendoff that Anthem deserves (but won’t get)! Also, the week’s Esports and gaming news and a breakdown of the day’s Sony State of Play!

Episode 136: Direct to Streaming

Ken and Gino talk video game movies on the same day as the Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer’s release, as well as highlights from the previous day’s Nintendo Direct. Also, a focus on the rising early access game “Valheim!”

Episode 135: Floop DEE Pig

CARD GAMES…(mostly not) on motorcycles! Both digital and physical are on DEE table as Ken and Gino talk about one of the most overlooked Esports.

Episode 134: TAKE THAT!

The crew discusses a whole slew of litigation-related gaming news and some big happenings in the Esports world. Also, a tribute to the recently departed Robert A. Altman, the founder/CEO of Bethesda.

Episode 133: Wally World

As Wally prepares to go on hiatus to focus on his exciting new gig with Magpie Games (http://www.magpiegames.com), the crew discusses the recent New York Video Game Awards results and the wild GameStop stock situation.

Episode 132: Welcome to DEE Village

While Gino is off dealing with unexpected horrors (NYC building pipes…’nuff said), Wally shares a big announcement and the crew DEEscusses the Resident Evil VIII Livestream (plus the history of the franchise as a whole). SPECIAL GUEST: DEE Founder Mario … Read More

Episode #131: Sorry/Not Sorry

A discussion featuring the newly formed Lucasfilm Games, CD Projekt Red’s apology, the Nintendo Switch and Doom-themed Fall Guys outfits! Also, exciting Esports happenings (in particular the fighting game community) for the past week!

Episode 130: It’s Only Been A Week…

On the first episode of 2021, the crew discusses what they’ve been up to and what they’ve been playing during the holiday break and looking forward to for the year!

Episode 129: Eff Dis Effin’ Year (“A DEE CODE HoliDEE Special”)

On the last podcast before Christmas and 2020’s end, the crew recaps their thoughts on The Game Awards, personal GotY picks, and more!

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