Episode 112: “Gamestacks THIS Thick…”

Following the afternoon’s new Sony State of Play, the group catches up on their previous week in gaming (as well as discuss offerings from it), and other updates including Capcom’s Street Fighter V announcement (plus all that entails), a discussion … Read More

Episode 111: Live from Da Bronx, It’s Thursday Night!

With Ken stuck in The Bronx while running errands before the show, we get the sounds of Summer in New York City as the backdrop to a week of gaming news including catching up on the Xbox game presser from … Read More

Episode 110: Rockets, Ghosts and Origami, Oh My!

After a quick week off to handle IRL items, the crew discuss recent events/releases (with a focus on “Rocket Arena”) and the transition of “console wars” to “platform wars!” Also, the week’s Esports news!

Episode 109: Everything is Still (Not) Fine

NOTE: Due to the nature of some of the items being discussed, specifically discussions surrounding sexual abuse, we are both presenting this episode as uncensored out of respect to the gravity of the topic as well as marking it as … Read More

Episode 108: This is (Not) Fine

At the end of another turbulent week in 2020, the crew recaps the recent Summer Games presentation, and Mixer’s folding into Facebook Gaming, and a frank discussion on the latest wave of social equality movements and their impact on the … Read More

Episode 107: MST3DEE

The crew live-reacts to the EA Play livestream, which hilariously coincided with the start time of this week’s show!

Episode 106: “The City of The Future…Today!”

The long awaited PS5 reveal has happened, and…oh boy. It was a meme GOLDMINE. Just…just listen.

Episode 105: F-Bomb Season Pass

On a night originally intended to discuss the Playstation 5’s big reveal event prior to its cancellation, the crew instead discuss the reason for its cancellation: the widespread unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Covered are a recent … Read More

Episode 104: Last State of Qutennight

Following the previous week’s MomoConline outing, the group recaps the varied week in gaming/Esports news, including DOTA 2 updates, recent/upcoming game releases, and a fascinating discussion on art and censorship on the Twitch platform!

Episode 103: Feelin’ Peachy!

In a special episode recorded as part of MomoConline 2020, the crew discusses the games they’ve been playing recently, the latest Esports news updates (including a focus on hero-based FPSes), and take Q&A from the MomoCon faithful!

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