Episode 94: The DEEvision 2: Memelords of New York

With Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 staring into the souls of the live audience, the crew (all locked down and broadcasting safely from home) discuss the first week of life under voluntary quarantine in New York City, Doom: Eternal, Live … Read More

Episode 93: DEECODEd Arms: Contagion

The day after Covid19 is declared a global pandemic by the WHO, the intrepid team of The DEEvision gathers at their HQ in Lower Manhattan to reflect on the events of the past week and its effects on the gaming … Read More

Episode 92: PAX Pox and Nostalgia

Following the 2020 edition of PAX East, Gino returns to recount his experience, as well as banter with Ken about the potential cultural impact of the Final Fantasy VII remake, the upcoming Diabotical, and the glut of games dropping in … Read More

Episode 91: Solo Queue

With Gino at PAX East 2020 and Wally off adulting, Ken holds down the fort by himself to discuss LIVE SERVICES…in particular Destiny 2, The Division 2 and Outriders. Also, the surprising uptick in speedrunning viewership, and a tribute to … Read More

Episode 90: Running in the 90’s

On the eve of the live action Sonic the Hedgehog film’s release, the gang takes a walk down memory lane for the post-Dreamcast era of Sega publishing, as well as discuss Outriders (the new game from the studio behind Bulletstorm, … Read More

Episode 89: Live from The WeebPoint NYC!

Broadcasting from WeebPoint NYC (aka Gino’s place) as opposed to the show’s usual home at Waypoint Cafe NYC, Gino and Wally discusses the announcements for the 2020 edition of the annual EVO fighting game tournament, as well as a TON … Read More

Episode 88: Miles Prower

On a time-travel themed episode of the show, the crew discusses the first weekend of Call of Duty’s Esports league, licensed games, and Pokemon Home. Also, break down of an article discussing what Esports can learn from pro wrestling, the … Read More

Episode 87: New York Video Game Awards!

Following the New York Game Awards, Wally (who attended this year) and Ken discuss the event! Also, a discussion of Call of Duty World League right before its inaugural weekend, Riot’s potential for dominating the game market, and the speculated … Read More

Episode 86: Oops, All Fire Emblem!

Following the latest Smash Direct, Ken and Wally discuss the potential future of Smash character releases, the announced lack of exclusives for the first year of the upcoming XBox Series X, and the state of gaming fandom…all of which culminates … Read More

Episode 85: The 3rd BirthDEE

In the first episode of 2020, Ken and Gino celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the DEE CORe brand in style by discussing post-MAGFest shenanigans, the inevitable hot takes on “The Rise of Skywalker,” and a discussion of the past decade … Read More

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