5th Meeting!

The theme of the week is “obscure”/”hidden gem” anime, and the crew highlights shows such as…*inhales deep*: Garo, Twelve Kingdoms, Ghost Hunt, 91 Days, Crossing Time, Skull-Faced Bookseller Honda-San, Nanbaka, Senyuu, Sekko Boys, Natsume Yuujincho, Sakura Quest, Phi Brain: Puzzle … Read More

Episode 99: (Social Distance Pancake) Party Like It’s 1999!

With the show’s hundredth episode within reach and a slow news week thanks to Mr. Covid’s world tour causing new complications over in Japan, Ken and the crew opt to continue the trend of 90’s nostalgia…complete with dial-up modems! Also, … Read More

4th Meeting!

This week, the discussion turns to anime crushes! Who are the favorite waifus (and husbandos) of DEE anime club? FIND OUT, ON THE NEXT….er…THIS EPISODE OF DEE KAI (会)!

Episode 98: “Spirit of ’98”

As NYC’s PAUSE drags towards the end of its first month, the crew decides to revel in the spirit of nostalgia and remember one of the objective best years in gaming history: 1998! But first, discussing OTHER nostalgia with a … Read More

3rd Meeting!

It’s Gundam Fundam as Frongi, Emi, and Mario scream about their favorite franchise and the impression it’s left on them!

Episode 97: Unending Fantasy

In the most hilariously appropriate alignment of episode number and release year of subject matter, Ken and Gino discuss the FFVII remake along with the week’s Esports and gaming news, as well as recent hardware news for the PS5.

2nd Meeting!

This week, the crew tells their “origin stories” of how they got into anime…including Frongi’s “awesome teenage rebellion story!” Also, the team’s personal recommendations for methods and sources for how to bring new fans into the fandom.

Episode 96: Captain’s Log – 040220

Stardate: 040220.96. These are DEE voyages of the USS Waypoint. It’s ongoing mission: to discuss Esports and gaming to provide some measure of solace amidst an ongoing pandemic. On this week’s episode, Captain Cardez, Commander Gigante, and Lt. Commander Oruam … Read More

1st Meeting!

In the inaugural meeting of Digital Era Entertainment’s “in-house anime club,” the group introduce themselves before discussing current season favorites, and looking ahead at the upcoming year in anime!

Episode 95: Captain’s Log – Ay, Corona!

As the Covid-19 situation becomes more severe in NYC, the team continues to weather the storm and share ways you can help/keep healthy while maintaining positivity by focusing on their recent playthroughs, as well as the latest developments in the … Read More

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