Episode 76: Ken Wins!

This week, as Gino live!queues for MAGFest hotels, the team discusses E3’s re-branding for 2020 and excitedly discusses their collective, enthusiastic descent into Destiny 2 (with Ken relishing the whole thing). Also, the remaining impressions from… Read More

Episode 75: Diamond Dogs And Funky Fetuses

On another milestone episode, Ken and Gino discuss all the news from Day 1 of Tokyo Game Show 2019. Also, Destiny 2 updates and speculations about Sony’s upcoming presentation!… Read More

Episode 74: Sweet Sixteen!

On the brand’s 16th BirthDEE, Ken and Gino break down the week’s surprise Nintendo Direct, and pre-TGS 2019 announcements. Also, all the week’s Esports news!… Read More

Episode 73: Our Wallets Can’t Take No More Captain!

On the week before the brand’s 16th BirthDEE (and just before the year’s Dragon*Con convention), Ken and Wally discuss the massive streaming numbers pulled in by TI9, major news in the Call of Duty Esports League, Fortnite and their latest cr… Read More


GUTEN TAG! Herrs Cardez, Oruam, and Gigante discuss der Gamescom. Also, a summary of DOTA 2’s ninth iteration of TI and updates about the physical+digital competitions for Magic: The Gathering. ‘Nuff said!… Read More

Episode 71: BS and Banter

This week, Ken and Gino cover The International, Activision’s handling of Call of Duty League, and discussions about Ol’ Gil’s latest attempted cashgrab. Also, remasters we do/don’t want to see, and other gaming/esports news from… Read More

Episode 70: Remasters of the Universe

With a wild Kristian rejoining the party for a milestone episode, as well as special guest Angelina Tsimberov (Associate Producer from Exato Games), the crew discusses the massive streaming platform news (Ninja going to Mixer), highlights from EVO 2019,… Read More

Episode 69: …Nice

Aside from being VERY MATURE ADULTS (so much so that Gino was even away to do business…IN A SUIT), Ken and Wally hold it down to talk about simulation vs arcade sports games, Ol’ Gil’s latest misadventure in Europe, Bloodstained: Ritual… Read More


Thunderpals Esports team lead Darren Hurst (@thunderpals) joins the crew to talk TCGs (with a focus on Argent Saga) on a sad day in the anime world. Also, Ol’ Gil’s latest blunder with Anthem, SDCC Exclusive Toys, and the latest Esports news… Read More

Episode 67: The Boys are Back!

Following a two-week break for R&R and “workcation”, the gang reassembles to discuss the stories that broke during that time, including tragic news in the streamer community, fun new Division 2 content, and Nintendo’s Switch Lite a… Read More

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