46th Meeting!

How anime has influenced the crew in in real life (ex. taking up of hobbies, choosing of clothing styles, etc.) is the main topic of the week!

Episode 137: See You, Space!Gil…

On a very special DEE CODE, Ken and Gino DEEliver the sendoff that Anthem deserves (but won’t get)! Also, the week’s Esports and gaming news and a breakdown of the day’s Sony State of Play!

45th Meeting!

On the day of the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, the crew shares their predictions/picks for who will win in every category!

Episode 136: Direct to Streaming

Ken and Gino talk video game movies on the same day as the Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer’s release, as well as highlights from the previous day’s Nintendo Direct. Also, a focus on the rising early access game “Valheim!”

44th Meeting!

It’s a Happy Hour pre-game with an episode dedicated to…drinking. Both alcoholic and non. Yup. (Also, Emi returns and talks about her recent work!)

Episode 135: Floop DEE Pig

CARD GAMES…(mostly not) on motorcycles! Both digital and physical are on DEE table as Ken and Gino talk about one of the most overlooked Esports.

43rd Meeting!

This week, some…”spirited” recaps and a discussion about the 2007 Gainax classic Gurren Lagann!

Episode 134: TAKE THAT!

The crew discusses a whole slew of litigation-related gaming news and some big happenings in the Esports world. Also, a tribute to the recently departed Robert A. Altman, the founder/CEO of Bethesda.

42nd Meeting!

A discussion of “anime that you’d never think would get made into anime!” SPECIAL GUESTs: Laura Kovalcin (Head Designer, Go! Go! Curry! America; Letterer, Denpa), RJ Para (DEE Stream Team Member; @RJ_Para)

Episode 133: Wally World

As Wally prepares to go on hiatus to focus on his exciting new gig with Magpie Games (http://www.magpiegames.com), the crew discusses the recent New York Video Game Awards results and the wild GameStop stock situation.

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