Watch It! (+Trivia/Directors Notes)


00:08-00:17 – Original monologue from the intros to REBunny 2&3; 2004 file was used since it was hi-res enough.
00:52-00:59 – Exact lines from the original REBunny short, albeit delivered with RADICALLY less melodrama.
01:10-01:16 – Original footage from “data files” used in REBunny 2 as the SD/graininess gave a particular look for the shot.
01:27-01:35 – Shots of the actual hotel where Animazement 2004 and 2007 took place; audio lifted from Subject Zero’s original 2004 dialogue, albeit with heavy processing.
01:39-01:43 – This shot mimics the start of a flashback sequence in REBunny 2.
01:49-01:53 – A nod to two key shots in the 2004 version of the short which were reused in REBunny 2’s opening scene.
02:26-02:26 – Actual photo taken during production of (and used in) REBunny 2
02:29-02:39 – A nod to Maniac’s “preparation” sequence in REBunny 3.
02:43-02:46 – A nod to a key shot in REBunny 3 when Maniac and Bakerman split up to accomplish two different tasks.
02:50-02:57 – Actual flashback footage from REBunny 2 that transitions into recreations of a key shot from the original short.
03:04-03:13 – Credits are laid out in the same order as the original short.
03:19-03:28 – As in the original short, the credits go to static and abruptly cut out.