Episode 8: Black Death

Episode Summary:
Death comes to the show in the wake of last week’s episode…but not quite in the way you may think…

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– This is the first episode to not feature any members of the SOS Brigade in any capacity.
– Originally, Tousen was going to be saved for season 2, but due to the restructured plan for the second season, this appearance was bumped up to the second half of the first season.
– As a result, Gin was added to further play up the Shinigami Captain appearance to make it more “official”. An Aizen was not available, so that character’s role was relegated to being a part of the plot via a phone call.
– Originally, the focus of the episode was going to be on Tousen trying to find anime merchandise with black protagonists, but in order to give more plot to the episode, the whole thing was tied in to the previous week’s episode.
– This is the third episode to use the word “black” in the title, making a three-layered reference to: the Black Knights from Geass, the fact that Tousen is a Shinigami (Death God) captain who happens to be black, and the disease that killed millions in the Middle Ages up thru the early 18th century.

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