Episode 7: Black Christmas

Episode Summary:
This year, bear witness to the greatest Christmas special of all time…OF ALL TIME!

Release Date:



– The products highlighted in this episode are:

Anime Christmas Stockings (http://www.imageanime.com/anchstp.html, $19.99 each online)

Robot Spirits (Side KMF) Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements #041 (http://www.imageanime.com/rospskmgusei.html, 65.00 online; made by Bandai)

GEM Series Geass R2 Zero Statue (http://www.imageanime.com/gemsecogeleo.html, $150.00 online)

Code Geass Suzaku Beach Towel (http://www.imageanime.com/cogeleofresu.html, $19.99 online)

– This episode was shot the same day as episode 6.
– This episode is also the shortest one of the show to date, but is due in part to the gag that results in the episode’s climax.
– The Epilogue for this episode was shot on Christmas Eve due to time constraints.
– Features Kanye West in a cameo that was originally slated for the Halloween episode, but scrapped due to scheduling conflicts.
– The second holiday episode of the show…both done within the same season.
– In keeping with the holiday theme, this is the second episode to feature different ending music besides the Pilot. In this case, “Skating” from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special was selected
– This is the second episode to use the word “black” in the title, making reference to the Black Knights from Geass.

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