Episode 6: Blackest Knight

Episode Summary:

One host goes missing, the other goes down, and the (masked) face of the show is forever changed…

Release Date:



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– This episode was the first one shot following the first two week hiatus of episodes during the first season, and marks the midpoint of Season One.
– Kallen was originally supposed to be in the episode as well, but due to an agreement to save her debut for the following episode, she was omitted from this one. As Haruhi is established as missing early on, this is, therefore, the first episode NOT to have Jenni.
– Related to this point, the date of release and date in which the episode takes place are both deliberate references to the key date in “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya”, wherin a key story arc begins and revolves around Haruhi disappearing on December 18th.
– Despite Mario’s love of the series and his consistent convention-based work with it, it was actually Jenni’s idea to use characters from “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” for this arc.
– The use of the Black Knights logo and Zero’s address are designed to mimic the Pilot episode of the series with Kyon’s initial video introduction.
– The episode’s title refers to both the name of Zero’s organization in “Code Geass”, as well as making a pun to the American comic book publisher DC Comics’ “Blackest Night” crossover event, which was going on at the time of the episode’s release.


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