Episode 5: And Yadda, Yadda, Yadda…Plot.

Episode Summary:

The gang’s all here for a stunning revelation (and obligatory flashbacks) that will change the course of not only their lives, but the very direction of the program!

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– This episode was the first one shot the day episodes 2 and 3 were also shot.
– Mikuru was originally supposed to have the casual outfit for this episode, but due to a last minute schedule switch, the episodes were shot out of order, and the costume switch was necessary.
– While Mario had designed the episode to be a pivotal one for the plot, much of the dialogue to carry forward this plot was improvised (or, as was the case with Yuki’s monologue written on the spot) by Uncle Yo.
– This episode also illustrates the advance planning that was done for the show’s costuming as the Suzumiya Body Pillow is finally shown in frame with Haruhi to show the source of that costume.
– The amount of flashbacks doubled from the original plan for the episode as a result of the editing for it.
– The episode was originally intended to be shot in one or two long takes, but after numerous flubs at key points made this impossible, it was broken down into three to four smaller takes.
– The full SOS Brigade assembled for the show appears together for the first time in this episode.
– The episode’s title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the abundance of exposition in this episode as well as a reference to the seminal American TV sitcom “Seinfeld”.


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