Episode 4: IRL

Episode Summary:

In this episode, deriving it’s name from internet shorthand for “in real life”, we follow an (abridged) day at Image for our hosts….between misadventures in oversleeping and trips to the outside world for food, we see the two go thru the trials and tribulations of earning their rent.

Release Date:



– The products highlighted in this episode are:

Kenichi Mui Body Pillow (http://www.imageanime.com/kemuibopi.html, $35.00 online; distributed by FUNimation)
Various Anime Plushes (http://www.imageanime.com/miscellaneous.html for full assortment)
Pokemon Pokeball Plush (http://www.imageanime.com/pokemondxplush.html, $20.00 online; distributed by Banpresto)
Air Yeezy Pink Bear Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt (http://www.imageanime.com/airyepibegin.html, $30.00 online)

– This episode was shot the same day as Episode 1, and is chronologically the first episode filmed for the show. However, it was always intended as a buffer episode between the introductions of the SOS Brigade and the mid-season finale.
– The Headcrab from the end of this episode is the same one from Episode 1, as Susie’s part for this episode was shot right before Episode 1’s shoot began.
– As those shots were last minute additions during the day of the shoot, and Mario never brought his boom pole, the shots of Haruhi and Kyon going to the deli were never able to have proper audio.
– The first episode chronologically to be shot with multiple cameramen.
– Originally, Producer Wing Leung was supposed to be in the sequences where the duo is woken up and where Kyon gets chewed out, but was substituted with Benny Cho.
– The Kenichi hug pillow featured in this episode was used as an in-gag from Mario’s work with FUNimation at Otakon of that year, wherin the pillow was featured in segments where Mario was playing Goku from “Dragonball”. To this day, he still doesn’t know her name…


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