Episode 12: Finale, Pt. 2 (Sayonara, Tomodachi…)

Episode Summary:
Part Two of the Season Finale…The battle rages throughout the store, and when the dust clears, one drastic decision will change everything…It’s all been building up to this!

Enjoy, and we’ll see you next season!

Release Date:



– The products highlighted in this episode are:

Anime Shot Glass (http://www.imageanime.com/animeshotglass.html, $7.00 each online; made by Great Eastern)

Gears of War Imulsion Energy Drink (http://www.imageanime.com/geofwarimend.html, $3.00 onlinel)

Bleach Wooden Zangetsu Blade (http://www.imageanime.com/blcowozabl.html, $25.00 online; made by GE)

– Due to it’s total run length, this is the first full episode to be released in two parts on Youtube.
– The use of “Aimo OC” from Macross Frontier is a nod to the title/end gag of the pilot episode which referenced the original Macross.
– Originally, Gin and Tousen were supposed to appear in the Finale to bring a resolution to the Kanye storyline introduced in Episode 8. Due to scheduling conflicts, only Raymond Bryant, who plays Tousen and Kanye, was able to make it and even then, only as Kanye.
– This is the second time in the first season that the entire SOS Brigade was in the same place, the first time since Episode 5.
– Regarding the choice of ending credit music, Mario is a one-time acquaintance of Lady Gaga, having studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute with her in 1998/1999, and stayed in contact with her for throughout high school before losing touch circa 2004, right around the start of the preproduction for “FFvsKBB.” Around the time the “Doujinopolis” was being initially planned, Mario discovered Gaga’s music and his connection to her. Moreover, he regards the segments of the song selected for the credits reflected the Haruhi/Kyon relationship, which is what the show’s first season ultimately boiled back down to in the end.
– The title, due to the resolution of the episode, is the Romanized Japanese for “Goodbye, Friends…”

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