Episode 11: Finale, Pt. 1 (Save Our Store, Brigade!)

Episode Summary:
With the world under new rule and the store still out of their control, the old gang gets back together (or as together as they can as their leader is still missing) and with help from some new allies, rallies the store’s patrons for one final showdown…

The Doujinopolis Season Finale begins here!

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– This is the first episode to not have any product featured in it (and due to technical errors with Youtube servers at the time of the release, no annotations at all), as well as the first episode (and DEE project) to employ a two-camera system.
– This is the first episode to deploy on a Saturday; due to the technical errors, believing them to be pertaining to the video files, Mario re-encoded them and re-uploaded them and didn’t find out until close to midnight on 3/19/2010 that Google reps had gone onto the help forums to address that there was an issue with the Youtube Servers. Thus, it was deployed a little after midnight.
– The traditional intro/scene change bump (“bars and tone” with a logo) is used for the first time in the context of the story in this episode.
– This is the third episode to feature musical cues beyond the ending credits, and the second that weaves it into the storyline.
– Originally, a montage of Kyon staying with all the members of the SOS Brigade was planned for this episode, but was cut due to lack of time and a weary cast.
– Most of the footage for this episode (and the footage of Zero from the last episode) was shot in the apartment Mario moved into in January 2010, both on the first night of filming (Meisters introduction) and almost a month later (Kyon/Itsuki)
– This is the second episode to feature a post-credit bump with Jenni and Uncle Yo, the first being Episode 3.
– This while one of the most technically demanding episodes in terms of technique, it is the only episode to allow full gaffes to stand due to lack of cover footage: in this case, the mirror in the apartment which shows the orange wall (which appeared in the previous episode but was covered) seen in the Meister segment, Mario’s reflection in the TV bezel for Zero’s address, the pronunciation of actor Robert Pattinson’s name, and Richard’s arm appearing at the start of the frame of the mob sequence at Image Anime.
– The book Itsuki is seen reading at the start is The Otaku Encyclopedia…this is an in-reference to an event organized by Mario in December 2009 which he and Uncle Yo hosted where author Patrick W. Galbraith spoke to attendees via webcam.
– Ironically, Mario first met Chibiplum (who plays Sumeragi and has appeared in numerous other events/performances with Mario) when she was cosplaying as Battle Maid Mikuru at Anime USA 2007.
– The template for the news address by Zero is the same one used in Mario’s 2008 Best in Show winning skit (in which he was introduced to, among others, Nicole Berardi, and which featured Chibiplum as Cornelia from Code Geass), The Ballad of La Resistance.
– This is the second DEE project featuring Christopher Troy in a supporting role, the last being Squall Leonheart in “Final Fantasy vs Kaiju Big Battel“. His wife, Carrie Wink-Troy also appeared in “FFvsKBB” as Aeris Gainsborough.
– While efforts were made initially to keep all outfits canon to the source, for the first part of the Finale, the crew was faced with a shortage of resources and time to make new casual outfits for Kyon and Itsuki. So, as a last resort, it was decided to make them wear “matching” outfits. Note that the zip-up sweaters each wear are emblazoned with the Dr. Cube skull and crossbones (a nod to FFvsKBB), and Mecha Software LLC’s logo, as Uncle Yo does voiceover work for their games.
– The episode title is a pun on SOS Brigade as the episode is very Haruhi-centric.

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