Episode 10: Fan’s View

Episode Summary:
This week, we feature appearances by store patrons and fans of the show while highlighting the how the store was before under the old hosts and how it is now under the tyranny of it’s current ones. Also, fan questions get answered as only we know how…

This is the bridge between the both arcs of the season! Next week: the season finale begins!

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Kirby Cosplay Plush Series (http://www.imageanime.com/kicopl.html, $25.00 each online; made by Nintendo)

One Piece Chopper Plush (http://www.imageanime.com/onepichpl.html, $15.00 online; made by Great Eastern)

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A Time to Screw the Movie DVD (http://www.imageanime.com/titoscdvdmo.html, $23.98 online; distributed by Kitty Media)

– The Suzumiya/Kyon parts were shot on the first day of filming for Doujinopolis, and were originally supplemental material for episode 4. They were excised due to the runtime of the episode. Ironically, this episode runs the longest of any to date, as it clocks in at just under 8 minutes.
– The CC parts were shot during the Season Finale shoot, and were originally intended as cutaways during the exposition leading into the episode’s plot. However, these were shifted to this episode to allow for the thematic bridging between story arcs to set up the events of the final episodes.
– Sarah Stover, who provides the show’s title graphic and makes a cameo as the last customer mistreated by CC, performed as Ranka Lee at the 2009 New York Anime Fest the same night that the show’s pilot debuted. This was, unsurprisingly, referenced in her appearance in the episode with the choice of the Ranka figure.
– Originally, the Q&A of this episode was to be done by store employee Frank, but due to scheduling conflicts when the episode was ready to be finished, the switch was made to emulate the style of [adult swim]’s style of viewer mail replies.
– The hentai “A Time to Screw: The Movie” has become a bit of an “in-gag” with some of the regular cast/guests of the show due to it’s sudden and infamous scene involving a woman engaging in sexual activity with a cardboard box.
– The title is a literal statement about the focus of this episode, and tribute to the now defunct Anime fansite Fan’s View, which was run by cosplay photographer Kevin Lillard between 1999 and 2009…the site featured fans, convention coverage and pictures before the archive was rolled into American Cosplay Paradise’s expanding vault of convention media.

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